Minecraft 1.13+ & MacOS users (with Retina displays)

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  1. I'm a Mac user, and MC 1.13 brought some issues with display resolution, long story short, the game runs at a resolution substantially higher than on previous versions of MC.

    A few other Mac users have asked me how I run it without it killing my computer.
    Let me give you a bit of a backstory as to what MC did in 1.13 and I will give you the solution.

    What happened?
    When Mojang updated Minecraft to 1.13, they also updated the LWJGL (LightWeightJavaGamesLibrary) the game is using. When this happened, Minecraft now links directly into your Mac's screen's REAL resolution vs the scaled resolution, making the game run at the full resolution of your screen.

    On my MacBook Pro for example, my screen's real resolution is 2880x1800 but the default scaling is made to scale the screen to look like a 1440x900 screen. Mac did this because if your screen wasn't scaled, everything on your screen would be TEENY TINY due to a super high resolution.

    I have my scaling set at the one right of default (found in System Preferences/Displays) scaling my screen to look like a 1680x1050 screen. (Default just makes everything too big on the screen)
    Here comes the problem, with the update to LWJGL my MC game runs at a full screen resolution of 3360x2100, literally 4 times the size of my screens scaling. YIKES! This makes the game run super hard on the computer, as its render 4 times higher than it should be (essentially like running 4 games at once), which in turn runs the computer really hot. This can potentially damage your computer! This also drops your FPS quite substantially as your computer just can't handle the game at this point, making the game virtually unplayable.

    The solution?
    I reported this issue to Mojang last year, when 1.13 was still in the snapshot stage. It was explained to me that the reason this happened was due to their update of LWJGL.
    One of the mods on Mojira sent me this application called RDM (RetinaDisplayManager), which is a freaking life saver.

    How it works:
    - This application allows you to switch resolutions on your Mac which aren't available in any of Mac's settings. It has options for HiDPI resolutions and normal resolutions. You can choose between 2 of the same resolutions, one which is HiDPI (what you would normally see on your screen) and one without HiDPI/normal resolution (keeps the same scaling of your screen, but drops the resolution by 1/4) <-- this is what is used to run MC properly.

    If you look at where the checkmark is, I have selected 1680x1050(the lightning bolt = HiDPI)
    This is what I use for regular day to day computer use, scaled normally, with a high resolution look.
    When I open up MC, I switch to the one which I have highlighting in blue there. This keeps the same scaling as normal, but drops the resolution allowing me to play MC 1.13+ at the resolution the game should be at.

    Pros and Cons?

    - I can play MC again, without my computer sounding like a jet engine and extremely over heating
    - The resolution on the screen is dropped by 1/4. When Im programming in IntelliJ, but also running a test server and game to test my code, IntelliJ looks like crap.
    - Having to switch resolutions when playing the game vs not playing and just doing other stuff is a bit of a pain in the butt.

    In my option the pro outweighs the con significantly, because I can play MC without my computer catching on fire. So what if I have to switch resolutions, at least the drop down menu makes things easy peasy!

    Where can I get this magical program?
    You can download RDM from HERE, you can also find the source code for the program HERE if you want to check out what the dev has done.

    Final thoughts?
    If it weren't for this program, I don't think I could run MC on my MacBook Pro. Not only does the game run too hard on my computer, but because the game is scaled up 4x, everything on the screen is 4x smaller, making MC just way too difficult to play (Yes I know MC has scaling options built in, but I found that with my resolution, every time I went between normal screen and fullscreen, the MC scaling was reset)

    If you know others with a Mac, please pass this thread along to help save the Macs of these users!

    Save a Mac, get RDM!!!
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  2. Thanks will bookmark this thread. I'm planning to upgrade from my 2012 non retina MacBook Pro to a 2020 MacBook Pro. So this will be important for future.
  3. You're welcome.

    I just uploaded a little demo to YT showing the difference between 1.12.2 and 1.14.4 and the screen issue, and how RDM solves it

  4. Cool that the switch works on the fly.
  5. Yeah, its super handy.

    Im sure you read my pros/cons, its definitely not the "BEST" solution, but its really the only solution at this point!