Minecraft 1.13: What to expect

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  1. md_5

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    Dubbed the “technical update”, Minecraft 1.13 will be the next major version of Minecraft to be released. This release will include a lot of long awaited changes and refactorings to both the client and server, and as a result is expected to be the largest CraftBukkit/Spigot release since 1.8, and the largest Bukkit (API) release ever. We have already spent around 50 hours on snapshots and are starting to get a pretty good (although purely speculative) idea of what the impact will be to plugin developers and server owners.

    Because one of the primary goals of the Bukkit API is to provide a stable interface for plugins across a variety of platforms and versions, changes have to be made with the right balance between stability, featureset, and maintenance. With this in mind we have decided to target the following changes:
    • Block type IDs will be completely removed
      • This is a change which started to be implemented over four years ago, unfortunately there are still plugins out there using block IDs when they shouldn’t be, including some fairly popular ones. Virtually every occurance of block IDs currently has an Material replacement available for usage right now. If your plugin, or a plugin you use exposes IDs in any form we strongly recommend you work to get it upgraded right away as this may be a somewhat involved process (albeit one that should have been done years ago).
    • Block data values will be deprecated
      • All instances of byte data values, and MaterialData usage will be deprecated. Although the byte data values have also been deprecated for a very long time, many of them do not currently have suitable replacements. As such we will be providing support for them on a best effort basis. This means that plugins using these APIs will (hopefully) run to some degree, but you should not expect complete or consistent support. We strongly recommend waiting for updated versions for the best performance and data integrity.
    • A new API will be created for block data
      • Following on from the previous point, a new API with 100% coverage of block data will be created. This will finally address what has long been a pain point for the API, and will help ensure the best compatibility and performance for future versions.
    • A few minor API methods will be removed, deprecated, or altered
      • This is just the standard fare for any update and will only affect the minority of plugins. Examples which spring to mind include certain behaviours of skulls, flower pots, and scoreboard display names.

    Please remember that this information is not finalised, and is based only on our current thoughts and experiences. We hope to have the SpigotCraft test server up this week to begin reviewing the changes and quantify what compatibility and stability is like. If you have open source, NMS free plugins with easy configuration that do not require block IDs, we encourage you to submit them to the repository (https://github.com/SpigotMC/SpigotCraft).

    It is unfortunate that this update will require such drastic changes to both the server and plugins (with a no doubt long transition period), but unfortunately many assumptions made when Bukkit was originally designed 6+ years ago are no longer true and significant changes are required.

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  2. As usual, keep up the excellent work ~ <3 and thank you for the dedication and transparancy.
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  3. foncused

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    Thanks for the update and all the hard work! Looking forward to this release. :D
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  4. Great work you guys! I can’t believe that we’re already at 1.13, it feels like just yesterday that the big 1.8 update happened.

    Also, just as a side-note, I think you made a typo here:
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  5. Was minecraft ever intended to not be for children? Like I don't see your point x) If you're looking for an 18+ title you might be on the wrong side of the fence here c;
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  6. Any plans regarding Brigadier/other command changes? I don't think that the changes will cause any breakage (since there's still a packet for serverside command tab completion) but being able to use brigadier from the bukkit API would be nice.

    EDIT: Also, I'm assuming that there are plans to sync recipes with the client now that there's a packet for it, right?
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  7. how many years is one user equal to?
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  8. Wow 50 hours! Keep up the good work!
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  9. can't wait! any news about 1.14?
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  10. It's coming out after 1.13, and will be a content update (instead of mainly containing technical changes). Since no development snapshots have been released, there aren't any API changes that can be announced or anything similar.
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  11. What about command suggestions? How to implement them to existings plugins? plugin.yml or something?
  12. Thanks for the info! :)
  13. md_5

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    Use the existing tab complete API.
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  14. I guess you could say you've stated to get a hang of it. ;)
  15. smmmadden


    Thank you for the update, candor and transparency. It does not go unnoticed of all the hard work your team puts into keeping this project alive, fresh and constantly evolving. Change is inevitable and while not always a welcomed with open arms, we can't have growth without some positive changes.

    I look forward to the next update and as such I will be continuing support to all the server owners by keeping the plugin compatibility spreadsheet current as well. :)
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  16. Puremin0rez


    My only fear is that MC 1.12 will become a similar experience to MC 1.7 and people will never update because "it breaks things" :\

    I'm excited for a suitable API replacement for data values!

    This update will make for a good API / Plugin cleanse.
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  17. Official Modding API when?

    It feels like this is a step towards it. What a great day that will be: real mods with freedom from forge
  18. md_5

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    Itt what happens when you write announcements on the tram
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  19. md_5

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    It’s really disappointing to see the pervasive use of IDs in some older plugins.
    Granted I’m looking at some of the larger 5+ year old plugins, you’d hope the newer ones don’t use them.
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  20. How about changing the color of blocks?
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