Minecraft 1.13: What to expect

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Dec 6, 2017.

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  1. md_5

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    Each colour is it’s own block, so plugins need to update to support that.
  2. Yes that is awesome! My plugin kingServerInfo needed a way for coloring blocks.
  3. 2008Choco

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    This is the update I've been the most excited for and I'm glad to know that a test server will be available later this week (if all goes according to plan, that is). If you've not been in the IRC as of late, please do join because it's hilarious seeing md_5 be flustered with plugins such as WorldEdit, WorldGuard and Essentials all using numerical IDs.

    Also, I'm happy to note that my VeinMiner plugin will be used on the test server for this update! ^-^ It's already on the GitHub page, though in the case you hadn't already noticed, now you know!

    He also seemed to dislike being surprised as to what VeinMiner actually did.
    Code (Text):
    <md_5> hey Choco
    <md_5> hey hey Choco
    <Choco> hey md_5
    <md_5> NICE PLUGIN https://gfycat.com/gifs/detail/BrokenSelfassuredAmericancrow
    <Choco> lul
    <Choco> get fall damaged, b*tch
    <Choco> Right into that lovely little creeper that wanted to be your friend too :3
    <md_5> I had to hide from the creeper
    <md_5> he blew me up like 3 sec later anyway
    <md_5> but yeah your plugin works so thats nice
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  4. Is there an 1.13 build available?
  5. None yet.
  6. Well that is depressing.
  7. Usually there isn't a public build for snapshots (especially not early on), and especially not before testing on the test server's occurred (which hasn't happened yet). There'll (probably) be a separate announcement when each phase is ready.
  8. I was wondering if I could build it? I wanted to see if it is going to break something.
  9. The hard truth about IDs is that they will never go away entirely (impossible) and will always be the best/cleanest way to handle certain certain things.

    The only thing i could see changing that would be dynamically-assigned IDs for mod packs, which would be a really neat feature.
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  10. Yeah, not there yet unfortunately (nothing's stable). If you want to, you can submit a plugin to the test server (though that's not up publicly yet) for testing, though whether that will be helpful will vary.

    They already are completely gone (for numeric IDs) in current snapshots for basically all uses. They're dynamically assigned now based off of text ID + block state combinations in terms of chunks. The last vestiges of a few of them are still present in the protocol, but for anything else you won't ever be dealing with them (and the IDs in this version, as they're dynamically assigned based off of flattened IDs, are different from what you've had before).
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  11. Lol, you think I care if it is stable. I wanted to see if a plugin was going to crash if I used the server.
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  12. Much as I may not like it, I think @Puremin0rez has hit the nail right on the head here. Just the phrase "block ID removal" itself is going to cause a massive problem for dead or inactive plugins, even if they've been functioning well over the last couple years.

    My server has a very hefty plugin list, and I have strong fears that up to a fourth of the plugins on the list will not be updated within 6 months of the update (as is usually the case). Unlike usual, however, I estimate about half of those plugins will in turn be rendered unusable by numerical block ID removal.

    My guess is I'll be stuck on an old version for close to half a year hoping for plugins to get updated until I replace them or delete them out of frustration from waiting for a replacement.

    On a lighter note, I remembered that when 1.13 rumors first came around, Mojang hinted at a 2x block height limit, which I was really looking forward to, but I since haven't seen any details about that, so I don't have terribly much hype for 1.13 at the moment.
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  13. learn java and manually update them :eek:
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  14. md_5

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    If they are then that's really bad.
    Any plugin written in the last FOUR YEARS should never have been using block IDs to begin with (yes, that's how long Bukkit has gotten rid of them for all intents and purposes).
    Whilst it may in theory be possible to keep support for block IDs, we have to keep moving the API forward, and if four years is not enough time, then no amount of time will be.
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  15. exactly...and non-working plugins will just get replaced (or maybe i will say screw it and update all duh free plugins xD)
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  16. MiniDigger


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  17. Probabily today is will released another SnapShot for 1.13 because this is wednesday.
    SpigotCraft server is will open after the snapshot of today?
  18. Is there any information about backwards-compatibility? For example, will Material.getMaterial(BlockID) still exist?
  19. MiniDigger


    It might work for some materials but remember that thanks to the flattening there are way more materials now so it will not be perfect and you should start to migrate away from it NOW
  20. Other than changes being made, what extra possibilities does 1.13 give us as developers? I heard they wanted to improve packets and such on things that don't send any packets now, or things like that. What extra possibilities are given to us now?
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