Minecraft 1.13: What to expect

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  1. They technically could have gotten by with still keeping block IDs... but they were at the point where they needed to use the expanded limit (which would have performance costs) if they did so, and making the other refactors (removal of metadata, unlimited block states, dynamic block state IDs) makes the code more maintainable for the future (for both vanilla and mods).

    To my understanding, forge already has the same basic thing for dynamically allocated block state IDs, although it's still constrained by the block ID + metadata combo.
  2. looking forward to this!
  3. this is amazing update for minecraft 1.13!
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  4. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

    I have a shop plugin which allows users to buy and sell items virtually (through the chat). The items are stored in an sql database and have been stored based on item id and data value for quite a while. This is mainly because the plugin was started in 2011, however also it was very convienient since item ids seldom change through major updates. The data stays persistant. With 1.13, I'm trying to figure out how to store the data now. I considered using spigot material names, however those appear to change between versions more often than would be ideal. Plus, the data would then be specific to spigot.

    TL;DR How can I store item data (assume for every item) post-1.13 in an SQL database, having maximum persistance between major updates to the game?
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    Use the mojang naming scheme. It's what you can see on the wiki for example so that's easy for players to learn and it's used internally everywhere.
  6. Is it possible to read data saved with the naming scheme into something like an ItemStack.. without having to use a massive mapping as an intermediate?

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