Minecraft 1.13: What to expect

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  1. I think that Mojang needs to find a way to make a compromise to those who liked 1.8 pvp and those who don't. Maybe something like a PVP mode toggle would do it.
  2. That'd be a good suggestion, though I'd like to see 1.8 pvp against 1.9 -_-
  3. Choco


    Knock yourselves out. Jeb already confirmed on Twitter that making it an option was not an option. Use a plugin.
  4. lawl the only people that still like the old pvp mechanics are those that hate that their hax don't work the same for them in newer versions, move along already
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  5. There are not only Spigot plugins for the PVP issue, there is even a data-pack out now to make "old 1.8 combat" in 1.13 Snapshot.

    Regarding the mention of Bedrock, I finally got to the point where I'm running both a Bedrock Realms server and a 1.13 Snapshot server which will become 1.13 Spigot on stable release. Essentially, when my wife and I get too annoyed with the one version of Minecraft, we play on the Other. Our friends join us on whichever server as they are inclined. And I managed to get myself muted on Twitter by a few of the Devs for getting too cranky about "Parity" issues between the two. Playing both, the differences between the two start to get seriously annoying, but not as annoying as being stuck with one and having to live with it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Oh yeah, Sashie...

    "People are playing 1.8 because PVP mechanics!"
    "But... here are 5 different ways they can get 1.8 combat RIGHT NOW in both 1.12 and 1.13 Snapshot."
    "Well they don't want to leave their 1.8 mods."
    "And they want to dictate what happens to FUTURE Minecraft versions? How, exactly, does that work?"
    "I don't want to talk with you anymore."
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  7. what\s the name of the PVP plugin for 1.13 Snapshot? i might have to close up my remaining 1.8 server. it would be nice to use just one version, instead of 2
  8. BackToTheRoots is a good plugin for getting old features
  9. There are no "plugins" for 1.13 snapshot, as Spigot 1.13 is not yet being released. I refer to the following video:

    I expect this data-pack to work just fine in Spigot 1.13 when it is released, but if one is using Spigot, there are several "1.8 combat plugins" I turned up in search that looks like they will be migrated to 1.13. One of those plugins will likely offer more options and be more suitable than the data-pack. Since 1.8 combat is not an issue for me, I don't want to suggest one over another. @GordanDaFreeman suggested one, there are others, and I really hope to see them migrate to the new Spigot 1.13 release.

    My point (and for the purpose of this "1.13 what to expect" thread, 1.8 combat preference is *not* a valid reason in my mind to avoid upgrading the ol' 1.8 server. There may be other issues, but at some point one should pick either one of the following:

    1) Commit to using an out-dated, unsupported version of the server with security flaws and bugs that will *NEVER* be fixed, and as part of that commitment stop voicing a wish for changes in Vanilla that can already be done with tools at hand in Spigot plug-ins.

    2) Move forward using the tools at hand to fix "Vanilla" with plugins already in play, or support those who are with time and money, or write your own tweaks, or otherwise invest in the future of Minecraft and Spigot.

    Could Mojang do better? Bloody freakin' hell yes! Why'n'hell "Spigot" isn't embedded in Vanilla Minecraft is beyond me, or at least parts of it. How many times have I SO WISHED I could just do /tps running Snapshot this season! But they haven't so I can't. We deal with it and move forward. Griping about Vanilla Combat changes or how "moar bloks" could have been done in 1.8 and how we ought to still have IDs in Vanilla is just part of the package of wishing for better FUTURE changes to this game we love.

    Someone says, "Well, I'll just stick to version 'X' because... WELL GET OFF MY LAWN!" Ok, fine. But don't expect the welcome mat from *me* at the table where we discuss Minecraft's FUTURE, because that future has long left you behind.
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  10. Choco


    My general stance is that my plugins will support whichever versions I am capable of supporting without going out of my way. In 1.13, all my plugins are dropping support for anything that's not 1.13 because I want my users to take advantage of the new Material enum, and even just use some features that were added in later versions of the game. Things even as simple as the recent PR I had merged, Arrow#getAttachedBlock() and Arrow#isInBlock() (yes... that was added only a couple of weeks ago), I need to use that for one of my plugins. Had I not wanted to support 1.13 materials, due to me requiring that method, I'd be supporting 1.12+.

    To all developers: Consider dropping support for 1.12 and below upon the release of Minecraft 1.13. The plugins going out of their way to support older versions are the ones encouraging servers to run that outdated software and the longer it's supported in plugins, the longer they will run 1.8. The day larger plugins drop these outdated versions is the day players will realize they're on the wrong side of the game.
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  11. I agree, @2008Choco. I'm just confused where some players insist their mods are not supported after 1.8 while it seems many developers have bent over backwards to becoming a pretzel JUST to continue supporting 1.8.
  12. Choco


    We shouldn't have to support anything that's 3 years old ;) All it does it ruins the possibilities for those on newer versions of the game, or at least make it more difficult to do. If you're comfortable running 3 year old server software, you should be comfortable running 3 year old plugins too.
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  13. Let's not forget, most of the plugins that haven't updated most likely have more up to date replacements or they could ask around to see if someone would be willing to do the very basic requirements to make it work with the latest version >.>
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  14. What happens when you have a server with multiple versions like hypixel? If this update is coming soon can some help me? =) thanks
  15. This is completely up to the plugins that enable this kind of behaviour.
  16. That would be really stupid. What you actually want here is an Optional<Player> so you could do something like this:
    Code (Text):
    Bukkit.getPlayer(uuid).ifPresent(p -> {
        // manipulate p
    but I wouldn't hold your breath on this being added to Spigot. If you want it, make a util method for it. You can read more about Optionals here if you are interested.
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  17. I think they are using a custom 1.8 Spigot. version In that case, the API will not change for them (except they decide to change it).
    But if they are currently running a custom 1.12 version and they will go to 1.13, than there will break a lot :p
  18. You announced that MaterialData will be deprecated. Is this the case also for methods using Material?
    For instance: MaterialData(Material type) ?

    Or are all currently deprecated functions those one's to worry about?
  19. Will it be possible to use java 1.9 onwards?...
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