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    With the availability of development builds for Minecraft 1.14.3, I would like to take this opportunity to provide some key information that supplements what has already been said about 1.14.

    Minecraft 1.14 Information (Read First!): https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/369724/

    In particular, it is often still asked "when will Spigot 1.14 be released?". The simple answer to this question is that it is already available for public access. The more nuanced answer is that it is available as a "development build". The characteristics of a development build include the following:
    • It is not the default version available. You are required to use the --rev argument to BuildTools to retrieve it.
    • It is aimed primarily at developers and experienced server owners.
    • There is a higher than usual chance that running such a version may cause irreparable damage to your map. Even if the damage is not irreparable, it is unlikely that attempts to fix such damage will be made - you must restore from a backup.
    • The usual API stability guarantees do not apply. A previously valid plugin using new API features may be broken from one build to the next.
    • Similarly a previously valid server configuration may not be valid in a later build.
      • eg the current requirement that all world names be lower case
    • Updates are very frequent, usually several versions a day.
    The followup question is usually "well when will it not be a development build?". In 1.13.x we tried a graduated colour system of stability, but for various reasons this did not work out. Instead for 1.14.x we suggest that you take a look at the Spigot (and to a lesser extent Mojang) issue trackers to decide when the build is right for you, keeping in mind the above points.

    In terms of upgrading the build to "default" status, this is done very conservatively and will take place once changes affecting stability have plateaued. For 1.13.x this was around four months since the first build, for 1.14.x this is envisaged to be about half that time.

    The other question that is often asked is "when will an update be released - BuildTools #101 is 2 weeks outdated". As all users using development builds should be aware, Spigot updates independently of BuildTools. Simply re-running BuildTools in the same manner as was originally done will be sufficient to update your server jar. Given that well over 100 new versions have been released in the last month, it is important you do this on a regular basis.

    Finally once again, please do ensure you have read the parent thread, particularly the segment on issue reporting.

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