Minecraft 1.15 - The Bug Update

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  1. I came home from morning class expecting it to be released already like the last several weeks, hopefully it comes soon. :3
  2. Yeah nothing really new just those bug fixes. Maybe we'll have to wait until Earth for new stuff?
  3. That is weird, thank you for showing me!
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    New stuff? Do we really want new stuff?
    I personally am 100% fine with bug fixes. Cory started working on the big list we send him. So that's cool.
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  5. Sorry should of clarified, I want to see what Blaze3D will be like.

    Though to switch gears, it has been found out that last week they changed the code to support 3D biomes (not just x/z axis now, but include y axis), which may imply a cave update for 1.16? (Source: https://twitter.com/gnembon_mc/status/1170010624086216704)
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  6. Well shit.. there goes breaking some of my plugins :LOL:
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    if you would see it know, it would be one messy buggy hell I guess :D
    this is a very integral part of the minecraft codebase, that wasn't really touched in the last decade (its mostly still notch code), so stuff will break left and right and its understandable that they first want to make sure it at least somewhat works locally before throwing it at the community ^^
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    Boats (which were never broken ever) are being [not] fixed!

  9. Celebrimbor


    Recently labeled "IN PROGRESS" on Mojang's tracker!
    - Unplayable conditions when Pillagers loaded. Extreme lag spikes.
    MC-160367 - Pillagers don't despawn.

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  10. Let's hope this isn't like when they "Fixed" CPU usage from 200%+ to 90% :p
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  13. finally MC-157697 - Unplayable conditions when Pillagers loaded. Extreme lag spikes.
  14. 19w38b:
    - Fixed game crashing when breaking a block

    Best bugfix ever
  15. God deym so all my patches are short lived on pillagers lol
    now they only need to fix the villager AI lag then we are back
    to 1.12.2 performance

    Oh almost forgot the chunk loading lag lol

    Well block custom models is almost here as I can see in 19w38a
    (almost there........)

    Hope they dont miss the texture bug when honeycomb is full
    missing the textures on top and below
  16. Looking forward to see this change.
  17. Choco


    (a bit late, I know) Is this not just as a result of the game optimizing textures when they're too distant to need to be high quality? Not to mention that this varies wildly depending on the resolution of your monitor. You can only display so many pixels in one given area. That's hardly a bug.
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  18. I mean, people claimed it's fixable, so who knows.
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