Minecraft 1.17: Caves and Cliffs Update (Minecraft Live 2020 Summary)

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  1. EDIT: I spent a few hours after the event re-watching the event and viewing several other sources, so (hopefully) I have included most, and accurate, information here.

    NEW UPDATE (Coming Summer 2021)

    Cave Biomes

    - New Tree (Azalea Tree, above world; follow the roots below to find lush caves)

    Lush Caves

    - Spore Blossom (Drips/emits particles around it in caves; can move this block anywhere)
    - Glow Berries (grow in vines in caves; can consume for food)
    - Moss blocks (look like full grass blocks; also have a 1/16th height version ie. carpet)

    Dripstone Caves

    - Drip water from them, which can be collected in a couldron
    - Can fall and cause damage to entities

    - Cause damage falling on them

    Dripleaf Plant
    - Standing on it for too long will make it "drop"

    Improved cave generation
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  2. Unknown Biome Name

    - Some sort of new stone
    - New ender-looking block and ore
    - Some sort of new underground generation
    - New candle block (unknown official name)-- comes in at least black and white

    Amethyst Geodes

    - Spawn in caves
    - Will be rare to encourage exploration
    - Create bell/wind chime sounds
    - The crystals can only be grown in the (crystal block [official name unknown])-- cannot be broken, alike the mob spawner
    - Breaking a crystal drops crystal shards

    - Crafted using crystal shards and copper

    - Generates in new ore veins
    - Obtained from Copper Ore
    - Can be crafted into slabs, stairs, and blocks
    - Placed copper will oxidize and turn green (realistic)

    Lightning Rod
    - Attracts lightning nearby to it (helps prevent wooden structures from being struck and set on fire)

    Mountains Biome Update (Last year's vote)


    - High jump ability
    - Will hit entities far back
    New Generation
    - More snow

    Powder Snow
    - Walking on it will cause the player/entity to fall through it; wearing leather boots negates this effect
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  3. New Mobs

    Glow Squid (Winner of mob vote 2020)
    - Hinted at spawning in caves and oceans, however not fully confirmed


    - Spawn in Lush Caves
    - Water mob
    - Can be picked up with bucket
    - Pink and yellow variants
    - "Plays Dead" when taking damage (cannot be damaged by other mobs at this time)
    - Attacks other water mobs


    - Walks faster as you attack it
    - Does 6.5 hearts of damage in netherite armor
    - Is distracted by snowballs (all projectiles? FACT CHECK)
    - Will impair vision while nearby it
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  4. Sculks
    - Multiple variations, not all names known at this time

    Sculk Sensor (redstone detector)
    - Creates redstone signal based on vibrations (movement)
    - Wireless redstone transmission

    - Placing wool between a sculk sensor and a piston will only pulse once; no wool will keep an infinite loop.

    - Holds up to 64 of any item (basically if you have a lot of items that don't stack or a lot of items in small quantities)
    - It appears the HUD may display the number of icons of the number of that item that is in the bundle
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  5. Archeology System

    - Can use Brushes to find ceramic shards (at least 16 types? [colors]) and other valuables (ie emerald blocks)
    - The shards have a chance to break
    - Used on dirt and gravel blocks in Archeology sites

    Ceramic Shards
    - Can put these shards on clay pots
    (NOTE: This is "programmer" art: was created by the devs, not artists; not considered final)

    Clay Pots
    - Can have the shards put on them
    - Setting a fire below them turn them from gray-looking clay to terracotta looking
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  6. Someone had mentioned adding spikes a while back. It looks like we're getting them as stalagmites.
  7. "A-X-O-L-O-T-L my time have come to burn! I invoke the ancient power that I may return."
    Love the mob, tho.
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  8. Interesting, can't wait to see all this !!!
  9. nice
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  10. Ngl, I've hated most of the last updates but the caves really need an update. I don't like the way it looks in these pictures though.
  11. looks really cool!
  12. We run 1.17 snapshot on our current server and while the new terrain is awesome, they have completely hosed ore distribution. Branch mining simply isn't a thing anymore.