Minecraft 1.7-1.16 Plugin List

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  2. Nice Feature and Idea :p
  3. Thanks :)
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  4. I did not have to update my plugins but all my plugins should support 1.13 with no issues. I dont use any code that would break between updates. So you can just add like BGHDDevelopment plugins as I have 27 of them
  5. The System will find them automatically tomorrow (~18h) ;)
  6. smmmadden


    There are two problems with using a page like the 1.11 and 1.12 wiki pages. First is time - it is too time consuming to have to manage multiple pages for the frequency of updates that take place for hundreds of plugins and there are style/length/format restrictions that keep breaking those pages so I've moved to a spreadsheet model where everything is all in one document, sortable and filterable by any column and simply works.

    This spreadsheet is used by a lot of users. If at some point that the Spigot Wiki pages can support the same spreadsheet style and features, I'm happy to move it back into Spigot. For now, this is what we have to work with and is updated daily by me. If you have updates and want to share, feel free to PM me the resource URL and any changes if needed. Thanks! -Steve
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    An automated list is a great idea, but doesn't provide any other details like the Java Version, description, paid/not paid and the list is not sorted which makes it more difficult to find what you're looking for. That's why I created the spreadsheet so that all resources are sortable and filterable and have everything you need to know before clicking on any link. :)
  8. Well,
    except from the Java Version I have all those informations.
    I'm saving all 38390 Plugin informations for my SpigotSearchEngine Browser Extension ;)

  9. to avoid injection, i'd better handle that unicode stuff and paths, etc.
  10. smmmadden


    I thought of doing the same, but most of those plugins are obsolete, desupported, not working in later releases (1.12+ which I'm targeting) or also not in English (as they all should be) and have enough details on the Overview Tab to help server owners find what they need.

    As a server owner and developer, I'm doing the spreadsheet for server owners to find plugins/resources that are working in 1.12+, supported and show which versions it supports.

    Good luck with your page and plugins. :) I've added a couple of yours to the spreadsheet as well.
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  12. Just doing what @mrfloris asked ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Pffff.

    I am just trying to get a central point we can all agree on. I am glad those lists exist, and I prefer it's on this site.
    If there's a more up to date list in a google docs that people have been using for years, maybe we move to that.

    Whatever gets things organised. I've always enjoyed the wiki pages personally. But I understand your argument to a public document.
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  14. As all my plugins work with 1.13 with no reported bugs so far. As I have over 20 plugins should I just add BGHDDevelopment Plugins (link to all my resources page) not each one? I want to make sure something like that is okay.
  15. Do whatever you think is best :)
  16. I think injections are not possible but i'll look into it again ;)