Minecraft 1.9 Release

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Feb 29, 2016.

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  1. How just have the Spigot-1.9.jar ? :/ I don't know buildtools :'(
  2. Thanks for this amazing work <3
  3. What does it mean by You must run this jar through bash (msysgit)
  4. Great job! Thanks.
  5. Love this! Upgraded my servers already! Thanks for your hard work!
  6. Woo cheers!
  7. Thank's for your job ! love :cool:
  8. Nice, and thanks, once again :p
  9. Doc


    nice nice nice..
    time to look,xd
  10. Awesome as always!
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  12. Downloading right now. Thanks a ton for all the hard work getting this updated so fast.
  13. To clarify, the new BungeeCord is NOT a protocol hack persay, but instead requires the Spigot instances to be the correct versions? In other words, 1.8 players won't be playing with 1.9 players on the same server?

    Also, is there a new Buildtools version? And if so, why?
  14. Can anyone make a version that allows 1.7 clients to login to Bungee aswell as 1.8 + 1.9?
  15. Choco


    Thank you to every single Spigot staff member/developer <3 We love you guys
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  16. Yay! Now i can finnaly revamp my network!
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