Minecraft Commercial Usage Guidelines Updated

Discussion in 'Drama' started by drtshock, Apr 17, 2020.

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  1. yummyfps

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    I like it, a step in the right direction. Whilst most servers were ignoring the EULA anyways, this will make it a lot more clear and a lot easier for those of us that want to comply.

    Glad to see something come of @MrDienns hints too.

    Performance tweaking is a strange place for this thread... Maybe move to Spigot Discussion?
  2. MiniDigger


    We worked hard with mojang for almost a year of giving feedback, providing insights, discussions and later hoping legal would agree. Great to see that ppl like it.
    There are still one or two points not really clear, those might get "hotfixes" down the road.

    While this currently doesn't change anything about enforcement, mojang said (publically) that they will revisit that in the future again, so everybody is best to figure out how to comply.

    Oh and also, pls dont only read the blog post, read the actual guidelines please, I feel like a ton of ppl skip over those and then spread confusion
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  3. I didn't hint that for no reason ;)
    Like Mini said, we've been talking with them for a while.

    To some; read the entire damn thing please. Also note the change of mindset; they're not going to nitpick on the smallest things anymore. They are here to support us, not restrict us.

    Also, this statement will undoubtedly confuse some so let me shed some light on it;

    ask for donations (as opposed to direct charges) IF you do not offer the individual donor something in exchange that only he or she can use. You may offer server wide rewards if donation goals are achieved though.

    This means you cannot give a specific natural person something only he/she can get. Like, you're not allowed to give purely MiniDigger something; him as a person. If he buys a rank, and gameplay elements (such as minigame or RPG classes) are unlocked through that rank, that's perfectly fine now.
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  4. Two words.
    Thank god.

    Nobody listened to their rules anyways so it's a good thing they changed them to be more reasonable. Hallelujah
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  5. I think this is a right move
  6. Personally in my opinion, I believe this is an amazing move by Mojang : )
  7. Reading through the Commercial Usage Guidelines I don't really see many changes other than that it is a bit more clear on certain aspects.

    On another note: This subforum got reopened?

    Edit: nvm, it was probably just moved here
  8. It went from not being able to sell any gameplay affecting things (that doesn't mean pay2win!) to not being able to sell genuine pay2win. Huge difference, though I believe not everything was reflected in the official legal statements last time. You can now sell alternative (balanced) minigame classes for example, wasn't allowed previously.
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