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  1. Mojang has recently announced their new plan to unite all non-PC platforms so they can all join the same servers. This is a slap in the face to anyone who plays PC edition as a player, server owner, or developer. While currently this does not include currently the PC edition, they are trying to make it so new players play the Windows 10 Edition, instead of the regular edition. Their goal is to make the current PC version obsolete, as the sales of all other versions of the game are much higher. Why does this matter? Why don't we just switch to the new version? The new game is written in C#. Not only will mods and plugins be written in a new language, but all existing plugins will become useless because the Bukkit API will be no more. Server owners will have to create servers without any of their current favorite plugins. Some will be ported, others will be forgotten. Developers will have to port entire networks to a new language, with a new API, a new game that may not even allow for what was previously possible. They must cater to developers to make servers transition without fragmenting the community. This change would not have been bad in 2011, even 2012. However, at this point, it's too late to do something like this.

    There are a few non-optimal solutions PC servers could have:
    - ProtocolSupport adding non PC support (Probably the best option, however laggy)
    - Mojang adding a way to write plugins in multiple languages, Java, C#. (This will not keep current plugins working, but it will make transitioning easier.)

    On top of this all, Mojang has the audacity to put sponsored servers on the main menu. This is some dirty monopolistic garbage they're up to. Ultimately, nothing says they can't do this except the community. The community needs to decide whether a move like this is the future they want for Minecraft. Make your voice heard.

    Source: https://minecraft.net/en-us/article/all-news-e3

    What do you think? Is this all worth it for a better game?
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    I touched on this here some time ago, to restate a key point:

    Essentially, this is just another wound to Minecraft Java edition. Mojang has been struggling to wrestle control from server owners. As their efforts have been futile, they'll now move in the direction of capitalizing on each other game edition, securing control on those platforms from early on. This will slowly erode the Minecraft Java edition until only a fraction of a fraction remain. Sadly it would appear that Mojang is on track to finally besting Minecraft server owners.

    My interpretation of the blog post is that Mojang will be releasing 'Mojang Approved' servers. A very similar concept to a server 'whitelist' instead of a 'blacklist'. Logically, the four servers being released were made to sign contractual agreements that stated strict parameters that those servers could work in. Mojang can centralize control over Minecraft multiplayer. The silver lining to this is 'Cubecraft' is an excellent network and I hope they are able to thrive despite being under such conditions.

    I hope those who are making a living off Minecraft servers are making other arrangements.
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  3. If they really would remove all servers and only keep the "whitelisted" ones that would be a big punch in the face on every server software maintainer for MCPE, after all, if it weren't for those people, I doubt those servers would exist. (IIRC Mineplex uses PocketMine-MP)
  4. Finally a restart point for all those popular servers, good thing I developed and learned C#, and C++.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't really see how this affects servers and their plugins. If the server (Spigot) can still communicate with both the new Minecraft version and the old Java version, then why would people need to re-write their plugins in a different language or switch server software?
  6. They're coding the game in C#, because they want it so that every devices can play on the same server, they also want to add new features. Java does not have the power to connect all the non-PC devices on a server, my guess.
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    I'm pretty sure Java does "have the power" to do that. Once the server understands the client's protocol they should be able to connect and play normally, no matter the device it's on.
  8. If the same features are available that can happen. If not you’ll get an experience like viaversion. Supporting a lot of versions but without the features or translated features.
  9. No, Spigot only supports the old (Java) client, not the new client.

    But I guess someone (not officially/mojang) will try to add Pocket protocol support to Spigot...
  10. Why did they use C# though? Java is the better language. C# was made in Java.
  11. ...C# wasn't made in Java, C# looks like Java that doesn't mean that it was made in Java
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    I knew that PC edition was slowly dying but I didn't know Mojang was going to go this far. Good thing I'm going to college and putting my contingency plans into action.

    In retrospect, I should have left back in 2014 and never came back.
  13. I meant to say imitation, not creation inside.
  14. C# and Java look very much alike, but they are totally different and have some significent differences when it comes to detailed stuff, such as enums.

    Anyhow, they also announced the "super duper graphics update" which basicly looked like a Java version with shaders mod. Do they plan on making shader support natively or did they actually just use the shaders mod for reference?
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  15. ShaderMod + PureBDCraft resource pack => Minecraft C# edition fancy update.

    The only difference in the C# edition is that there is an official API. Currently it isn't supporting much but at the current state you're able to create custom behaviours.
  16. This could be a final shot for the Java edition. As the modding community over here mostly died there isn't much. It's really funny to see a whitelist concept for servers and see that they now realize that a Minecraft without servers losing interest. I hope they have at least a good server review structure.
  17. Minecraft is 8 years old, most people hyped in alpha and beta grew out of the game. Many became a community server hoster and got into programming. The others left Minecraft behind and went on.

    What happened if Mojang released a plugin api with the first release of minecraft full version 1.0?
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    Hmm interesting... Literally don't know what to think right now.
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