Spigot Minecraft Double Jump v2.4

Minecraft Double Jump features but more features coming soon :)

  1. DomMinesDiamonds submitted a new resource:

    DoubleJump - Do A Double Jump With Feautures

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  2. Can you please add some permissions? I want to make it as a donator perk, and I'm sure others want to as well.
  3. Sure it will be in the next update <3
    But next update make sure to leave some love and make a review
  4. Thanks a bunch! Will do!!!
  5. At First, i thought you said "Servers that double jump"
    My fail. XD
  6. Lol
  7. add /mdj reload
  8. You really dont need it yet because theirs no config why would you want this feature?
  9. Done :)
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  10. Where then is the cooldown , effects, message waiting survive the jump?
  11. If you actually read in the To-Do list it says make a config that stuff isnt Customizable YET
  12. ooooy then quickly make configuration :D
  13. lol k ill add it next update
  14. Just check to see if the player is already flying or not.