Minecraft hosting Or server?

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  1. Hey there,

    I am thinking to move to a Minecraft hosting since it’s cheaper. I am currently hosting on a VPS 3 from ovh sdd with a multicraft panel. I am very happy with the server but since I am actualy only using at the moment a bit of the server I was thinking to move to a mc hosting. What do you guys think, keep the server or move to an mc host?

  2. My policy is: If you're in control, they're not.
    if their job is to have a server running 24/7 to the best they can, without selling you bs..
    then it's your job to run the game server on it, within their terms of services, without you running into bs.

    I think if you have access to the files, console, the scripts you want to run to manage and monitor things, etc..
    that you can trouble shoot etc, and aren't depending on their auto updates or outdated control panels, or "bug in control panel leaks worlds backup files to the server" etc.

    i see no reason to use a control panel, some custom software, etc that they run and manage - when you can run a mc server from command line with 1 single line, forked into the background, and with complete access to everything on it.
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  3. I don't think going with a Minecraft host would make it cheaper. If you are trying to get the same specs as the OVH VPS, there is no chance that it would be cheaper. However, if you still need some more selling points: With a VPS you can host more than just Minecraft (e.g. Web server, Teamspeak, etc). If you want multiple servers, you can host them all on the same VPS (At lower spec). And you have full control over the VPS and the services you are running.
  4. Thanks for the replies!
    I think it’s better than to keep the server. And it’s 100% right ... when you host it at your own, you have 100% access to everything
  5. This is true. But for people who do not wish to set up a server by themselves or for people who need up to 10GB of ram, shared hosts are relatively a good option.
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  6. That, plus if you're new to any sort of system administration it gives you the opportunity to learn and solve issues yourself rather than missing out on valuable information by having someone else (a host) handle the issue for you. :)
  7. It is not "cheaper". you simply are paying for worse specs.
  8. I disagree, many minecraft server hosts drastically overprice for the specs you are given.
  9. If a hosting company refuses to share machine information, I suggest staying away.
  10. thats exactly my point....
  11. just a tip - i'd not recommend 3gb ram good for 72 players...
  12. I see a lot of people recommending VPSes here on spigot but you have to know what shared hosting can save you a lot of money and also giving you better specs and security. Hosts can afford to offer services at a cheaper price since it's shared between multiple people giving you better hardware for a lower price. A shared host's #1 priority is keeping your servers safe and online. If you want to go for a VPS without linux knowledge you would probably be better of with a shared host since almost every shared host has a secure environment. Also with a shared host there is almost 24/7 someone who monitors the status of the servers and can help you with any issues.If you would rent the hardware yourself you could be spending way more than when you use a shared host. I recommend everyone to do research on what specs the host uses and if you can find a cheaper VPS that you should go with a VPS, but in my experience OVH VPSes don't run that well with minecraft and some shared hosts can outmatch the performance for a cheaper price.
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  13. My apologies I took it out of context.
  14. all good
    after further review your sales team is pretty awesome though.
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  15. How could you save money on a shared host? You can buy small ram plans from OVH ect instead of over paying $3 a gig from your extremely unprofessional hosting service. You literally banned me from your discord for stating out that you resell from OVH. I simply said that I don’t wanna pay $30 more for a dedi that is “managed” basically installing a free panel. After saying that I would highly recommend you not buy from them as they seem unprofessional. I don’t understand what’s wrong with stating the truth.
  16. Now that you have experience of running your servers on a VPS from OVH you could try one of the lower priced providers.

    Should you go with a 'Hosted' server, you are paying them to do the background stuff which is often a one off event. (apart from updating the server software) The 'Hosted server could be the same spec' as your current OVH server with the exception that the 'Hosted' (reselling) service is sharing your spare 'OVH' specification resources to other users.
  17. Nothing lower price than ovh with same quality I have to say.

    I ran a bungeecord of the vps with like 5 servers and 20plugins. The total amount of players I managed to fit on it before lag was 18 per server (beta testers I hired)
  18. You can save money because a shared host can buy more expensive hardware and sell it for cheaper since it's shared between more people so if you would buy the hardware yourself you probably wouldn't use everything and you would just be wasting money.

    FYI: You were banned from our discord since you were trashing our service and telling people who were interested in buying from us to use OVH instead. We can not tollerate that and if you weren't interested in buying a service from us why were you in our discord in the first place?

    Mind exanding on that, have you even tried a server from us? We have many happy customers who made a review on our discord just because they like our service and not because we told them to. You can also find a few honest reviews on our website.
  19. Glad to hear it!