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  1. xXxKillDogxXx submitted a new resource:

    Minecraft Market Free Donation Webstore - The free donation system alternative

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  2. Just because one person does something does not mean it cannot be improved and perfected even more. Also we just added our in-game gui. More features to come.
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  3. Still though, the gui is something a player sees like once. I like buycraft's interface better anyway (my opinion).
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  4. Thats fine, its just a alternative.
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  5. Thats not what i said at all. This just looks identical to buycraft in a lot of ways, and i didn't see any reason why
    anyone would use this instead. Which is why i asked whats new here. Personally, i wouldn't have released this
    until you had something to show for it.

    Once again, good luck anyway.
    I won't post anymore.
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  6. Okay however my point is still valid, so their is no reason not to do this. Plus our service is mainly free, and premium is more of a option rather than a needed choice to get the most out of the system.

    We are adding features all the time and we always take on new ideas as long as they are reasonable of course.

    I can see the reason behind your comment about being similar but their is only so many ways you can make a donation system and if you look at our the markets they are unique in their own right.
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  7. I love this plugin.
    It supports Bungee Cord all in one market with a in game GUI.
    Its like a Paid Buy craft you can totally customize it . Only a few ads no big deal at all.
    You run bungee cord than you need to run this with it for your donations.
    You can have multiple markets.
    And also work with paypal ;) .
    Go and try it out your self.
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  8. Thanks for the review :)
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  9. I know all the crits lol the free version is the same as premium just with ads..buy craft they are greedy thx killdog for a better alternative
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  10. No worries toxic thanks for using Minecraft Market.
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  11. signed up at your minecraft vote site adding it now to my list of vote sites nice sigs also
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  12. Ads? That sucks. So it's not really free...
  13. Well its free in the sense you have access to all features, that do not allow removal of advertisements. Obviously we do have a VPS bill each month so it basically just covers that cost.

    Also the free features you do get are either free or their for premium they are not restricted at all. You either get them or you don't simple. Which most of them you do, the reason for this is because we wanted to create this system on the basis that anyone can use it and if they wanted to they have the "Option" to buy premium rather than having to just because they are restricted to so many categories and items.
  14. I hope this gets big. Not because I am seeking a new donation system (already purchased a BuyCraft year premium), but so that it will put pressure on BuyCraft to offer better deals and stop ripping off free users. Competition is always good for the consumer :)
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  15. Exactly, competition is good. every market needs competition or people feel to secure where they are and don't seem to show their full potential.
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  16. What about the option to host a webstore on your own server? Then you wouldn't have to deal with ads, and it would be infinitely changeable.

  17. Even if we was to add that option, it would never be fully hosted by you and would just be another method of integration because it would be connecting to our api.

    We cant just hand you the files cause well we have spent a while coding this system and we would rather someone didn't just take it and claim it as their own, which someone would do no doubt.

    so unfortunately its not going to happen the way you want it to, and we will probably just stick to adding advanced integration with the API.
  18. Can you implement a way to import items from other donations stores like Donationcraft or Buycraft ?? Please!
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