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  1. So I have been working on a Minecraft fan site for a while called Minecraft Media. I programmed it from scratch over a period of about 8 months and I am now releasing it in a public beta. I'd love to get some feedback and suggestions on it as I will be updating the site and implementing new features for hopefully a long time.

    Currently registered members can post screenshots, seeds and YouTube videos. All of the submissions are approved by moderators. You can check it out at the address below.

  2. Hmmm, not so bad so far!
    Looks very ancient though. Consider spicing it up with a custom font at least :)
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  3. Alright thanks for the suggestion. :) I'll look into it.

    I seem to be getting lots of hits, but no one is registering or posting anything. :(
  4. So it's PMC with less features? But, really nice job making this from scratch
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  5. This might be an issue. I don't see any form of leaves as an option when I am trying to register.
  6. Well, not exactly. I was somewhat inspired to create it based on PMC, but I wanted to focus on media. The original plan was YouTube Videos and screenshots. I was also somewhat inspired by the Minecraft Museum site. I liked their idea of a screenshot gallery, but the site was too basic. You can't even search for screenshots on their site. :p So I decided to create a site for media that was searchable with a custom and built-in forum system.

    Yeah that has been an ongoing random bug for a while. It seemed so random and happens very rarely and thus I couldn't isolate the conditions that were causing it. Just refreshing should probably fix it. It seems to only happen after you submit the form incorrectly once. I'm looking into it more in-depth now.
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  7. Website looks a bit dated. but it's a pretty good project anyways!
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  8. Thanks! Any suggestions to improve the design?

    I made a few fixes today. I tested out the CAPTCHA and I tried it 20+ times in Firefox and it worked fine on all of them. So I can't really fix the problem if I can't experience it. My version of Chrome is messed up I think I will have to uninstall and re-install it. I took a guess that it might the generated image might simply be getting cached by the browser. So I made it so that it sends headers that tell the browser not to cache it. I also implemented some meta data to hopefully improve results in search-engines.
  9. Look into bootstrap and https://bootswatch.com/, they are really easy to use and provide a good look on your website
  10. Alright, sounds interesting. I'll look into implementing BootStrap thanks.
  11. Still looking into Boostrap. It is going to be a lot work to rewrite all the HTML code in it.

    However, I did release a small update that is pretty much just a bunch of bug fixes. :p The changelog is linked below.
  12. Yeah, the site design looks pretty bad. At least make it nicer than Planet Minecraft.

    If you intend to use Bootstrap, don't use pure Bootstrap. Add some custom styles to make it look a little different than basic Bootstrap.
  13. Wow, this is great for being programmed from scratch. But yes, if I had to make a suggestion,
    As long as you know CSS ;)
  14. Looks very nice. :D
  15. Not really mobile friendly though...
  16. Looks fine for me.
  17. I mean, there's nothing of or something like that, it's just not a different mobile site etc. All is just desktop site, and in some way that's less mobile friendly.
  18. Yeah, I would like to make a separate version of the site for mobile. However, when your making a site entirely from scratch that's not one of the highest priorities. I should be able to get to it eventually.
  19. You don't really need to make a completely different site if you make the desktop one responsive.
  20. Yes indeed, but as far as I can tell, the spigot site for example (which is xenforo) has quite a different layout for mobile than for desktop. That's kinda what I meant.