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  1. Hi!

    Im looking to open a MINECRAFT NETWORK, and i want some recommendations, on wich hosting take, and vps or dedicated server... etc

    All info/recommendation will it help me!

    Im from Europe (Spain) and i please not a expensive hosting, atm im only 1 person for the network!

  2. Don’t get a dedi if your just starting. Go shared or get a VPS.
  3. But there are some good cheap dedicated no? Like KIMSUFI
  4. Kimsufi I have heard bad reviews about such as them suspending services due to them being DDoSed. Since it's a network then get a Dedi. VPS just doesn't have enough power to properly run many spigot servers.
  5. I recommend SoYouStart and OVH.
  6. What hosting would you recommend? (for Europe)
  7. If you're looking for a dedicated server in EU, Hetzner tends to have some cheap systems in Germany. You could also go with a VPS; there are many providers, I tend to go with DigitalOcean or Vultr. DigitalOcean has locations in London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt, and Vultr has locations in those three plus Paris.

    Of course, since you're running a network, if you go with the VPS route I would recommend a separate VPS for each server plus one for Bungee/Waterfall (though that one could probably also run your lobby; if tuned right the lobby probably won't consume too many resources). On the other hand, a single dedicated server can likely run most if not all of a small network.
  8. I would prefer a dedicated at a good price!

    So where or what dedicated could you recommend me?
  9. Hetzner's server auctions typically have some well-priced EU dedicated servers (e.g. €24.37/mo for an i7-3770 and 16GB RAM), but if you're not afraid of a setup fee they also have their EX line which can have an i7-6700 (€34-€99/mo) or i7-8700 (€54/mo) with 32-64GB RAM and an SSD, but with a €79-€119 setup fee. Their EX line is available in multiple datacenters in Germany as well as one in Helsinki, Finland, and their auctioned servers are only available in Germany right now.
  10. Hetzner is known to have a lot of issues with their hardware, I've heard a lot of cases where disks or CPU's broke.
    Also, their DDoS protection is not really good and it can be taken down with even a freebooter.

    I'm not sure if Hetzner is a good choice for production servers.
  11. So... what´s your alternative?
  12. The servers at Hetzner are absolutely horrible. The specifications are decent although the network quality isn't that good at all.

    If you expect to have good DDoS protection, don't go there as a fibre home internet of 250Mbps or so can take them down.
  13. Okey, but what alternative can you give me for a dedicated?
  14. What type of gamemodes do you plan to have?

    A virtual server may be something you may want to consider starting on and switching to a dedicated as you grow, it's what I did.
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  15. I want a multigame server, but paying for an VPS what i can pay for a decent dedicated... so that´s why im searching for dedis!
  16. What's your budget?
  17. For a start max 50€
  18. You're more likely to get a better VPS than a dedicated as you'd have a CPU which is a few years old, DDR3, etc with that budget. :)
  19. but in terms of general performance I prefer a dedicated...
  20. What do you all thing about kimsufi´s 24gb RAM server?

    Intel Xeon 2xE5530 8c/16t 2,4GHz
    24GB DDR3 ECC 1066 MHz
    100 Mbps

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