Minecraft or Fortnite

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What is better

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  1. Minecraft

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  2. Fortnite

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  1. No freedom? There is a creative mode which is literally like creative minecraft. You are give a huge, huge variety of structures and devices where you can create your own maps, much like how minecraft creative works. I respect your opinion however, to each their own.
  2. Depends on the mood, minecraft have a lot of different ways to play it thanks to plugins but wouldn't rate either above the other.
    But I swing more towards playing fortnite usually then minecraft
  3. Hard to choose only one, I like them both
  4. Seriously, obiusly MiNeCRaft.
    Fortnite it's only for killing people, Minecraft has a ver big community.
  5. Definitely Minecraft, I'm a big fan of Minecraft Bedrock :D
  6. I couldn't get into Fortnite, the need for fast building and such really threw me off too much and lost my interest. Minecraft is nice a peaceful
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