Minecraft plugin don't work

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  1. I Have build a minecraft plugin.
    its work on my pc server, not on my pay server from (Freazhosting).
    wat is the problem?
    (I Have java 8)

    sorry for english
  2. ┬┐Hablas espa├▒ol?
    Java 8 may be the problem. I think Java 7 is still better to run for Minecraft nowadays. What's the version of your PC server and the version of your pay server?
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  3. Try to export the plugin with Java 7
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  4. Make sure your server is running java 8, too. If its not you can request the host to update and they will.

    Don't fall back to java 7 just because someone doesn't want to update. Java 7 reached EOL early last year and is no longer receiving security updates. You are putting peoples servers at risk by enabling them to use java 7. Let's not have a repeat of Java 6 staying alive a decade past its death.
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  5. Hello
    i have mate a minecraft plugin.
    i have the plugin tested on my pc server.
    the plugin is working on my pc.
    on my pay server from freaz hosting doesnt work the plugin wat is the problem
  6. Serializator


    Before we're able to help you, you should post the console output and if there's an error we also need to code associated with it.
    You should probably also read this thread.
  7. @Serializator is completly correct but just due to the fact that this is asked and answered so many times on here I think its safe to assume you are compiling with a higher version of java than the version running on the remote server.
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    Is it a big deal to ask you to fix your grammar? Like seriously.
  9. My Spigot/Bukkit plugin don't work!

    i have mate a spigot plugin, i drop the plugin in my test server on my pc.
    the plugin work, than i drop on my payt server, than don't work the plugin.
    wats the probleem???
    ik heb een spigot plugin gemaakt, ik zet het in mijn test server op pc daar werkt mijn plugin.
    daarna doe ik het in mijn betaalde server daar werkt de plugin niet,
    weet jij wat het probleem is,
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  11. Are you using the same version of spigot? Is your server running java 8 if you compiled it in java 8? You may have compiled your plugin using java 8 but your paid server is running java 7.
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  12. I think he is trying to say that his plugin won't work on his paid server but it works on his PC server.
  13. ^
    That says already enough
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  14. Post your stacktrace + host.

    I think your plugin is Java 8 and your host has Java 7.

    FreazeHosting: Java 7
    HostHorde: Java 7
    Offensive: Don't know but can test.
  15. Offensive has java 7 and Freaze has 7 and 8 on custom jars
  16. I don't know what the problem is. Though I think the problem is that I can't read minds.
  17. Try adding the code and plugin.yml to the post maybe we can help
  18. He already solved his problem. He made like 5 different threads about it until he finally understood the answers. Now we're left with 4 unsolved theads even though they're solved. :ss

    https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/minecraft-plugin-dont-work.95641 (solved)




    And this one we're in right now. :/
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  19. Every time i code a plugin i make sure that i add Java 8, when i was using MCprohosting and my current host i needed to add Java 8 for the plugin to work, if i didn't the plugin would not load. For players hosting from there computer, it could depend on what Java version they have installed but I never needed to add Java 8 into the plugin for it to work on my server.