Minecraft realeased 1.15.2

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Darkrisen, Jan 21, 2020.

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  1. Minecraft 1.15.2 was released today.
    Not sure when Spigot will release it's version of 1.15.2.

    But this is just a notification about the update, seems like allot of fixes in this release.
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  2. It just came out. Spigot doesn't update immediately with Minecraft. Give it some time.
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  3. Oh I have no problems with waiting :)
    Was just to let everyone know about the release.
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  4. Yay can't wait to disable Pillager Patrols and the wandering Trader by Gamerule. \o/
    (yes I know there's some Plugins doing this but I prefer the Gamerule thing ^^)
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  5. Yes That is def going to be awesome setup for Bungeecord when using different server styles, and designs.
  6. It was only just released... Give the developers some time to work their magic before creating threads asking for an eta. Remember, rushed projects always end with bugs and problems!
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  7. OP already said he's not asking about Spigot 1.15.2. He only meant to tell people 1.15.2 is out I suppose.
  8. It felt like a passive aggressive way of asking for when a 1.15.2 spigot update was going to be released, but that's just my opinion. For now, I suggest anybody looking to be able to have players join their server with the 1.15.2 client to use ViaVersion - 2.2.3.
  9. My Apologies, I noticed I put a Question mark instead of a period.
    So ya wasn't actually asking when it was going to release, was just stating I didn't know when. XD
    Hope that clears up the confusion.
  10. While I'm sure you had good intentions, I'm not sure notification of a new Minecraft release was entirely necessary. However, the gesture is appreciated.
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