Minecraft Realms world not working with regular server, bukkit or spigot.... Need Help!

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  1. soo i am trying to move my Realms world to a server.... its not the server its the world.... already tested with a newly generated world but when i use the world form my Realm... it gives me this crash report http://paste.ubuntu.com/11044792/ please note that i DID delete the session.lock.... it comes up with the same crash report....

    Any help? Thanks in advanced! :)
  2. This is from start to stop in console http://paste.ubuntu.com/11048147/
  3. no just no because the user of the server has no permissions to write or load an session.lock file
  4. Iv done that with the Extact version the Realm was using....and it Crashes..... said that in the thread...
  5. How do i add it.... or fix it... (Im the root user of the server)
  6. try to run your server once with sudo ./(startscript).sh
  7. Sorry if im bad with Linux.... How do i make the startscrip.sh to run the server?
    Agian Sorry not the best with Linux
  8. In the terminal run the following commands:
    cd your/server/dir
    sudo chmod 777 *
    rm world/session.lock

    Now you should be able to start your server.

    Stop offering bad advice, please. It says in black and white there is an issue with session lock and it should be deleted, also it states "Permission denied"
  9. Okay Yes! your right it will start the server..... 1 issue.... EVERYTHING in the world is gone.... like it only used the seed of the world file.....
  10. maybe reupload the world to the server and do the same but do just what @GGhost said

  11. Erm, what I told you wouldn't have been the issue. The session.lock doesn't contain chunk data.
  12. np but there are some good plenty of how to make an startscript for your server on the internet but here is one:

    Code (Text):

    apt-get install nano --yes
    nano start.sh

    \\ copy this:

    java -Xmx1024M -jar (ServerJar).jar

    press CTRL X
    then y and hit enter

    chmod +x start.sh
  13. Il try it your way one sec
  14. kay screw this.... getting rid of multicraft its just a freaking nightmare.... TO THE MANUAL LIFE! :D