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  1. Url: http://minecraft-server-directory.com
    Hello, everyone. I've recently created a Minecraft server directory website for server owners to post their servers. The website keeps track of server version, server status, and allows users to vote for their favorite server.

    Planned features
    - Panel for server owners to keep track of the number of players on their servers at certain times.
    - Server reviews? (In terms of management, experience, etc.)

    Feel free to post your servers on the website and reply to this thread with the name of the posted server. Posted servers will be promoted.

    Feel free to provide feedback.

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  2. Basic bootstrap theme, broken responsiveness and no features to set it apart from others.
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  3. Isn't minecraft a trademark?
  4. Strahan


    Yay, I'm super excited!! I was just saying to myself "self, I really wish there was yet another Minecraft server list site" and here you are. Joy.
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  5. It is. There have been sites that have been taken down because of it.
  6. boss.apexmc.co version 1.13.2

    a server where you can start your journey by mining and achieving weak plain diamond armor but, you can make your way up to the top by defeating bosses which get more and more intense along the way. custom enchants are valued greatly on this server with a wide variety of options to make your best gear.

    boss.apexmc.co version 1.13.2
  7. You shouldn't advertise your server in this thread.
  8. it says feel free to reply ur servers to this thread...?
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    ^ first post
  10. Oops, didn't see that.
  11. Thank you for the awesome feedback! This was just what I was looking for.
  12. You should post your server to the website and then post the server name on the thread. Don't post the IP on the thread.

    Thanks. I changed it.
  13. Any new details for us? Specifically speaking about the server reviews. Most server advertising has ratings, as well as comments, but never a trust pilot like review kinda thing. Not sure if that's what you meant when you said -

    Either way you have me excited. Also what are some of the things you are doing to promote your site so us server owners know our ads are being seen?
  14. Submitted 1MoreBlock.com