Minecraft shows "cant connec to server" unless I refresh the server list

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by robotnik, May 21, 2016.

  1. I think this is a big problem as to why people are not coming on my server that often. I notice that when I try to connect to my server in minecraft, it shows "cant connect to server", but when I press the refresh button it shows it just fine

    My fear is that when people open up minecraft to try and connect to the server, they see this message and think my server is offline when it really isnt

    Does anyone have any ideas on whats causing this? google hasnt brought me any answers.
  2. Doesn't sound very logical to me. What's the IP? Can we try as well?
  3. the address is the-outpost.me
  4. Seems to work perfectly for me, first time. Do you also connect to that same domain? Or is it hosted locally or something?
  5. Happens to me too sometimes.
  6. This happens to everyone, I believe it's a client side issue. I think it would depend on how far down your serverlist your server is as the ones at the top get pinged first
  7. It seems that restarting my computer cleared up the issue. Man im glad it was just me
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  8. Mine is at the top and I still have to refresh.
  9. Yeah this is what i mean, the ones lower down shouldn't have this problem
  10. It's a dumb bug of minecraft and I ignore that actually by refreshing the list :p
  11. Some hosts shut the server down automatically and start it up when some one tries to join it.
  12. Lol no I get that also on my build server which is 24x7 online on my dedi
  13. I'm just saying that some hosts do this, I'm not saying that it is the cause of this.