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Discussion in 'Skript' started by Stoian, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Code:
    Code (Text):
        {glow.mode.%player%} = "False"

    command /glow:
        aliases: gl
        permission: glow.enable
            if player does not have permission "glow.enable":
                message "&8&l[&bCheckup&8&l] &7Sorry you dont have permissions to use &cGlow"
            if {glow.mode.%player%} is "False":
                message "&8&l[&bGlow&8&l] &7Glowing now enabled!"
                set {glow.mode.%player%} to "True"
                apply glowing to the player for 100000 seconds
                if {glow.mode.%player%} is "True":
                    message "&8&l[&bGlow&8&l] &7Glowing now disabled!"
                    set {glow.mode.%player%} to "False"
                    remove glowing from the player
    How do I make them glow like the color of the rank they have?
  2. you need to use GlowAPI and skript mirror to do that, if you check skript chat discord, they have a code snippet for it

    also your variables are made in the possibly worst ways seems like you ignore the advice you have been given in the past.
  3. Skript chat discord? Where I can find an invite link?