Minecraft When IP Change

Discussion in 'Minecraft Discussion' started by SammyPlaysYT, May 29, 2017.

  1. Hello Spigot Community!

    I've been experiencing this issue for almost 3 Years now. When my IP changes my session get expired and i need to relogin again to start a new session again but last week i logged in three times because my session always gets expired & cant join servers after that i cant login anymore and i received an email that mojang has resetted my password. How can i prevent that? Sorry for my bad english :D
  2. Where do you live? Is it normal that your IP changes so often? I heard it happens now and then in countries like USA, but here, in the Netherlands, I've had the same IP address for over 5 years if I recall correctly...

    Pretty sure you're in no power to prevent an IP change. Possibly a more expensive internet subscribtion would prevent it from changing so often?
  3. I'm living in the philippines.
  4. Internet is really bad asf in the philippines, we are paying 2400PHP/50USD for a highspeed internet and its not worth it.
  5. 50USD for the highspeed internet? Oh god, how fast is "highspeed internet" even? I know internet in those kind of can be really poor. I think what you can do best is to contact the provider and ask why your IP changes so regularly, and if this can possibly be stopped/reduced somehow.