Minecraft: Windows 10 edition

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    Bye bye Mac and Linux

    But tbh I just think this is a Windows Store App thingy so it can be used on low end windows tablets, not something we use today
  2. It's probaly for tablets as its going in the windows store + has things from pocket edition.
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  3. This is for the Phones, Not the computers.
  4. It'll be on computers
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    That doesn't necessarily mean they're going to stop working on the current java version we all know and love. With the Windows 10 releases for Windows and Windows Phone, code can be written for one platform and run on both Mobile and Desktop.

    We won't really know their plan until they tell us. This could very well just be a mobile version that happens to run on the desktop (because of the aforementioned changes in Windows 10), or it could be them moving away from java. We just don't know.
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  6. I never said they'd stop working on the Java version.
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    It was more of a response to the whole thread then just yours, I saw a few people sort of hinting at it above you. Yours was just the easiest place to jump off from :p
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  9. Wine
  10. It will probably be awhile before Wine support all of Windows 10's APIs.
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  11. If this uses Windows code, what will happen to all the Java plugins?!
  12. They will cease to work.
  13. Would Java servers be able to communicate with windows code?
  14. It depends exactly how they make it. If it used the same protocol, then yes. If they create a completely new protocol (which I think they will, since they are rewriting everything) then it will take some time for it to be reverse engineered before any alternative (Java) servers can be created. Additionally, whether or not reverse engineering will be legally possible is very much up for debate.
  15. I don't see why they wouldn't want to use the same protocol. It makes things easier and ensures that 'old players' use the new thing.
  16. If they are coding it from the ground up they might as well do the same for the protocol.
  17. No, just no; You literally just quoted the same line that says it will be still coded in Java.
  18. It'll be written in C++ for those who are curious.

    I think people are a bit too worried about this. This is simply a way for Microsoft to get people interested in Windows 10. It's been said that this version will essentially be "Pocket Edition", it's not design or meant to be in any ways in competition with the Minecraft we know and love.