Minecraft World's Dont Want To Load.

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  1. Hello.

    So, I setup my minecraft server on my pc, I loaded the worlds and turned on the server, checked everything was fine added a few things and fixed a few things.

    Now, I bought a dedicated server from OVH, which I also setup, I added my files onto the dedicated server and run the start.sh, the server opened fine, I joined on and boom my spawn world is not loading only a flat world, which displays my holograms that I setup before on the spawn world, so it seems like none of the chunks of the spawn are loading.

    Anyone can suggest any help? I cant see any logs that would concide with this.
  2. On spigot you need to rename the world file to 'world'
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    How did you upload your world files?
    Uhh what? If that's what your config is set to...
  4. No-one ever changes that...
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    Lol "no-one", when in fact a lot do.
  6. Yeah the name of the world is ^world.
  7. I just uploaded all the files in one, using winscp. And then run the server but with start.sh rather than .bat
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    Again. How did you upload your world? What is your FTP settings? Did you upload in a archive? What archive settings?

    Your transfer mode encoding may have been set wrong on your FTP client. Make sure it's "Binary"
  9. I mean average joe or me. I just change it for multiverse
  10. I think I dont how in the world do you do that? I am using winscp.
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    Take a look at some information regarding Transfer Modes for WinSCP https://winscp.net/eng/docs/transfer_mode

    Try ensuring WinSCP is in Binary mode, and not ASCII or Auto. If it wasn't on Binary, try setting it to Binary and try again.

    Note: FileZilla is a lot better client for new people to FTP.
  12. Yeah I had it set on binary so its all fine, I tried reuploading the files but the same thing happens.


    It seems like multiverse is bugging or something, I teleported to a map, It all showed up for like 2 seconds and then deleted itself and I just ended up on the flat floor.
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    Oh yeah I've seen that actually before where it shows original map and than reloads. I thought that was a old bug. Like 1.6.4 I don't recall what the fix was