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Does MinecraftMarket Work?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. I Don't use it

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  1. Hello

    Recently, I have run out of trial for my Buycraft premium. I noticed that all the features I needed were gone (sales, coupons etc.) I did a bit of searching around and found an alternative called MinecraftMarket. They offered everything I needed in the free plan.
    But I am just curious. Does anyone have experience with them? I know that it isn't as professional, but my question is does it work?
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    yes of course it works ;-;

    buy it if you want/take the free trial :eek:

    I'd say it's equally as professional? How is it less professional?
  3. With all the stuff in free plan, probably seems too good to be true.
  4. It works fine, use it for my server.
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    oh k
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  7. Most websites I'm going around all say it isn't as professional. I just registered an account, and don't see why.
    But it's good to see that it works fine. I will probably switch to it soon.
  8. It has been a teensy bit buggy, but they've been able to fix everything I told them about in a timely manner; the support team is very efficient and concise. Their features work perfectly fine and in my opinion just as good (if not better) than Buycraft's. I noticed the first few weeks of using it, the general latency and uptime was pretty bad, but that's been improved over the past few months.

    Point being, they have a lot of potential - even if they aren't worth it now, I'd recommend you buy the Lifetime Premium before they go out of their 'beta' stage simply because it's equivalent to 4 normal premium months (about $23).
  9. Also, if I had one thing to complain about it, it'd be that they don't offer SSL (HTTPS). I trust them to handle money just fine, but for the fact that my whole website is encrypted yet my store isn't used to make people a bit nervous.
  10. When I ran my server I used MinecraftMarket, and that was in the early days (#hipster). The support has always been great, and Sam (the owner) is extremely nice. I've even bugged him about general questions regarding the interwebs.

    It works just as great as BuyCraft, if not even better. Not to mention the pricing. Needless to say, I'm hooked.
  11. SSL isn't needed seeing as the gateways handle all payments. However, most users do not know that. It's a shame that wildcard certificates are so extremely expensive :(
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  12. Neither does buycraft support SSL certificates.
  13. @AaronL98 hehe ^ the name
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  14. I used to use it

    It was working well while I was using it but I needed to change it since one day payments were not processing causing a lot of stress and rants from costumers

    Sam is a really good man, however I could not get support from him in that time, but he would always try to help me

    I ended changing to buycraft
    Probably he means that MM is less professional considering the fact that there is only one person in charge while buycraft there is a whole team
  15. 1000000% better than any other service.
    Also lifetime premium for $24/USD, its unbeatable