Spigot MinecraftTrainSimulator 2.1.1

Drive minecarts like you drive trains in MicrosoftTrainSimulator, TrainZ or Railworks.

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    MinecraftTrainSimulator - Drive minecarts like you drive trains in MicrosoftTrainSimulator, TrainZ or Railworks.

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  2. not bad idea :D
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  3. I love this plugin, any chance of perhaps in the future, you would be able to make a tram plugin with the same mechanics, but you'd be able to drive a train of carts on blocks rather than tracks?
  4. Thank you for your concern. But this is not possible. The mechanics of this plugin are mostly provided by TrainCarts and BKCommonLib. These plugins don't enable such mechanics without tracks, therefore this is not possible.

    If you would just need this for a single player or local multi player server, you could also just make a texture pack which makes the tracks invisible.
  5. Well the reason I ask is that I've seen a tram work (that was fully operated by the player in front of the train) with TrainCarts also installed onto the server that moved on blocks rather than on tracks, it was their own custom plugin though of course. I just think it would be a cool tool to simulate buses and what-not.

    For example with the idea of this plugin in mind, that allows you to drive carts on specified blocks; http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/ucars/. You can utilize that idea and combine that with TrainCarts and form actual trains from the one operable cart. I know it'd be complex, but I've seen a lot of stuff happen in Minecraft that was deemed impossible to do, but a lot of things are not impossible! I understand the complexity though of the project, it was just a mere suggestion. :)
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  6. move to update to mc1.13.2 as traincarts is now working ???
    Re the tram idea - use invisable blocks and mono rail the trains - re traincarts
  7. Well, the plugin should generally work on a 1.13.2 server. (only the map displays don't work)

    But there will definitely be an update soon. Unforturnately, I'm quite busy at the moment, thus I can't say when exactly it will be available...
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