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    Who Are We

    MineFlame is a unique prison server run by @kill_da_trolls and myself. We average around 10-20 players, with peaks of up to 60 players.

    What We Want

    We're looking for dedicated and responsible staff who can be serious at times and be able to take a joke. If you enjoy playing the server as well as your administrative duties, we are fine with that too, as we all enjoy playing Minecraft. We've had some issues with responsible and mature staff in the past, and would like to try the new technique of hiring Spigot Minecraft server administrators this time around.

    We want staff members for MineFlame who are well defined as mature and responsible, as well as the ability to spell properly and those with a natural urge to guide and lead others. There is no age limit for applications, because your character is what matters, not a number.

    To Apply

    To apply for staff here at MineFlame, please leave a reply on the thread detailing why you believe you are qualified for the position and what you can offer as a staff member. This is a completely creative response, and is part of the reason why we refrained from using an application template.

    Your replies are public and can be judged by the Spigot community. You will be personal messaged or contacted over the means of communication you have provided in the reply, or added to our slack group. Good luck!

    Please note this is NOT a paying job. Volunteering for MineFlame is out of the kindness of your heart.
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  2. Hi,

    I'd first like to start saying that my name is, Nick. I'm 17 years old and in 6 days I will be 18! I've been addicted to Minecraft since BETA 1.7.3. I remember the first server I played was like a prison, except you had to build to rank up. They had mines that automatically reset for supplies and it was just all a good time. I feel like this is what made me love prison servers now.

    Even though I just joined MineFlame today I can see it's going to go far. The spawn is nice, the chat is clean, everything is perfectly laid out so users can get around easily. The builds are very professional which is a must for prison servers. The players welcomed me when I joined and were very friendly. Being a staff member on this server would be an amazing time.

    This server has great potential and I want to be part of it. Whether I'm part of the staff team or just a regular player it's a nice server and I plan on playing for a long time.

    I'm very experienced as a staff member. I've owned my fair share of servers in the past like most have, but mine were very unsuccessful. While running my own server's I've learned what players want, and how to deal with them. I'm very good at learning new things and listening to people who are higher up than me. I'm good with dealing with people and I love helping.

    MineFlame has a great community and I'm glad I can be part of it :)


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  3. trkey


    Nice application... Good luck!
  4. Thank you!! :D
  5. Bump, still looking for staff. We will read and evaluate the applications every 5 applicants.
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  6. :0 I loved kaoshkraft

  7. . I like to talk with people and I answer their questions if I know the answer. Over the past week I have been on Mineflame I have seen a lot of rule breakers which are ruining the game for people, they take advantages when staff are not on the server and even if I tell them to stop breaking the rules they wont listen to me cause im just a regular member, so hopefully they will listen to me as a helper and stop breaking the rules and wont have to report them so staff wont have to take actions as ban,mute ect. For me the Helper rank is not a rank that gives me respect or some kind of pre-staff member power over other players, its a rank that tells people that they can ask me for help on the server and that they can trust me and will not be afraid that I'm some kind of person that will guide them in the wrong direction by giving them false information. When it comes to helping people I try to help the best way possible as I can and make it simple and easy to understand. I love helping people, and I already have a lot of experience in moderating and helping because I'm also a Server manager as stated above, and I think I can really help the PvP server. I know the rules, the other mods and admins, and most of the server's community, and I made a lot of good friends here. I enjoy supporting the server, and I think I will stay here for a while. I would like to help handle all the chaos of Mineflame. Someone can be rude to me, I'll still stay calm. I don't really mind people screaming at me with swears (of course I would take action, as it is disrespect) however when you're attacking someone else, that's where I draw the line. I will not allow anyone, I don't care if it's my sister or best friend, to be immune to the rules set. I don't bend the rules for anyone, will it be staff, a friend, someone I don't know, someone I hate, even myself. I know the rules, and I will not break them. I'm not a person to abuse for my own good, or someone's good. I always do what I have to, I don't take bribes. I only take action when essential, that being when someone breaks one of the rules. I am one to explain them in bigger detail if one does not understand them, I'm always there for them to explain in further detail. That, also goes on to another point, patience. I'm a patient person, I don't get frustrated with people if they're a bit slow, typing or understanding. It's all cool, I still calmly wait for them to respond. Though that sometimes means multitasking, I'll be glad to do it. I try to make enemies into friends, I don't use my past with someone against a person when dealing with something, everyone gets the same punishment with me, no matter who they are, breaking rules is breaking rules. I don't use a person's opinion, skin color, religion or any of these kind of things against them. I'll talk to a person the same way no matter what. I act professionally, I keep on top of everything. I keep on top of appeals, reports, help threads and essentially most things. I stay collected, even if I do wrong, and I know it. I do not lose my cool, or mess around when that's not the appropriate thing to do. I take action when needed. I'm experienced with how to punish someone for what, what to do in what situation, how to act. I try to stay mature. I am of course, still young and probably not that mature, however I do my best to be whenever essential. I base my decisions off of the supplied evidence, not bias. I am a people person, I have no problem approaching people and talking to them about something. Even if it's to talk to them about something they've done wrong, I do try to get the point through and I am, at the same time, not trying to make them sad or worried by pointing out a serious mistake, I can be gentle with these things when so needed. I take responsibility for my actions. I am always looking to improve, and I am not arrogant if someone is pointing out what I have done wrong, I always take that into account and try my best to improve from the last time I have made a mistake. I have qualities I believe fit helpers I will list them, in a spoiler, though, so it does not take up your screen.

    ~I know the difference between a joke and something serious. I do joke around, of course, however I know when it's too far, when I shouldn't, when I should stop someone or myself with this.
    ~I usually act mature, around forums and servers. I do, however tend to be immature playing around with friends.
    ~I'm a fast typer, I use correct spelling/grammar most of the time, despite English not being my mother tongue
    ~I type fairly fast
    -I am able to moderate
    -I tend to stay up late and have more time to moderate
    -I know two languages
    -I'm social, I can speak to anyone
    -I have experience moderating, handling large amounts of people
    -As said, I treat all equally.
    ~I can admit to making a mistake, I usually try to fix my mistake and do better next time.
    ~I do my best.
    ~I keep things professional.'
    ~I can put myself in someone else's shoes.
    ~I put the past behind me when dealing with an appeal of someone I am friends with or is my 'enemy'
  8. IGN: lewisrennison
    AGE: 14
    TIMEZONE: Perth
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  9. JamesJ


    I know right. I used to be a developer for them too xD
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  10. There's nobody who plays on your server who is trustworthy enough? That's how you replay loyal players.
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  11. maldahleh

    Wiki Team

    I enjoy playing on MineFlame so I may consider applying.
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  12. You applied to SuijurisMC but then ignored everyone.
  13. vemacs


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  14. hi my name is TAMPLAYS you can just call me tam

    i'd like to apply for staff
    im 13 and im a responsible and not that mature kind-of-guy and i can take jokes as long as it is not meant to be a threat

    and i own a youtube channel so i can record while im staff on my channel!

    i hope you agree with this application and i thank you for taking the time to read this.

    TAMPLAYS (tam)
  15. Theepwner


    that bump is hawt
  16. joehot200


    If you are responsible (I'm not disputing that), then you'll want to prove it. This application doesn't look very "responsible" or "professional".

    Think about it like an employer. You want to PROVE to them that you are responsible and mature, and not just say "i am responsible. pick me".
  17. meh whatever ill just see another server hiring staff

    goodbye (this is not a threat)
  18. Going to another server straight away just means you wouldn't stay at the current one. By the way, MineFlame has been down for a bit now.
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  19. Affixes


    Don't try posting in an already-dead server thread. Clearly you didn't do any research.
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