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Whos Online?

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  2. Working on iOS now. May be a month or two before its ready.
  3. I keep getting an Error

    Error in MineFriends API. Failed to create MineFriends user.

    It seem to work fine until i updated my email on my mojang account.
  4. Is there any way you can get this working on a bungeecord server so players don't get my individual server IP's? Or if you can change your server IP to a name so the notification would be like "Mc_awsome22 has logged into {Name} Server". Thanks for reading :)
  5. New iOS update is now out to support iOS 9.
  6. For the most part folks from our server don't seem to have their requests going through. I was able to receive one, which is now gone (I could have been unfriended) and another one, which remains in my friends list. But at least 10 people have attempted to add me, and I have attempted to add at least 10 as well.
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  7. Can there be bungee support. That would be nice.
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