Minehut.com / Kingdoms.gg alternatives?

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Which is better?

  1. Minehut

  2. Kingdoms

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  1. I know there are more sites similar to those, but I do not remember them :c I want to try other sites of that type ... Recommendations?
  2. Paid servers. Please don't hurt yourself with "free" server providers.
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  3. Maybe you can try Aternos.org? If you have a low budget and are just going to play with 1-2 other players, you can use a free host in my opinion. Are you getting bigger or want some better specs, get a paid host.
  4. I have my paid server, but im asking if theres more services like that... Minehut (hub server with sub user servers) Kingdoms.gg (same thing)... understand?

    I want to know more pages like that 2 xD
  5. Minehut is the best of the best for free server hosting. I would recommend them.
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  6. Paid servers are really cheap. If you want to make a serious server with hopes to scale up, free server hosting is not going to cut it. However, if you are looking for a server to play with a few friends or something similar, free server hosting on Minehut is a good option considering what they offer for free compared to competitors. Note that with basically all free server hosting will include limitations: some include that you cannot set up a proxy/network and limited file management. If you are making a small server to play with a few friends though, it is unlikely you will need those features anyway.
  7. I mean Mineplex kinda has that lmaooo and they introduced it first (from my knowledge, in comparison to Minehut), but you’re very limited in the sense that you can only do Mineplex related things.
  8. Sorry, I have only heard about Minehut, kingdoms.gg and aternos
  9. Please save yourself the hassle and get a cheap paid one
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  10. Believe you need to have LEGEND+ rank to even host a game. Even then, it's completely different from hosting your own server. Minehut & kingdom.gg has options to upload your own plugins + worlds, edit server properties, etc..
  11. Hence "lmaooo" :p