Universal MineMongo 1.0

Just the MongoDB 3.0 Beta Drivers for Spigot, Bukkit and BungeeCord!

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    MineMongo - Just the MongoDB 3.0 Beta Drivers for Bukkit and BungeeCord!

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  2. You should include some basic methods like:
    • getAllDocuments
    • getSingleDocument
    • updateDocument
    • insertDocument

  3. The plugins include the whole MongoDB drivers.
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  4. yes, i'm aware of that but if you don't provide some utility methods, i don't see the point of providing such a plugin, developer can just import mongo driver...
  5. You are right, but as I wrote "MineMongo is just a very little a plugin...". The point of this plugins is: e.g.: two plugins use MongoDB, but it wouldn't be good if one server opens two connections to one database.
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  6. yes, i understand your intention and that's a good one, but I thought this plugin would be much more useful if you could turn it in to more simplified mongodb wrapper plugin. Not all mongodb would be hosted on the same local machine.

    anyway, keep up with your good work!
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  7. I will think about it.
    Thank you for your feedback! :)
  8. @Rubix_DE Hellu, love the plugin. Just wondering, is this plugin uploaded to any maven repository?