[MineNews] Minecraft Live - theories and assumptions #1

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  1. Minecraft Live - theories and assumptions #1
    What mobs will appear in this year's poll?
    Judging by the statistics of past Minecon-s, today we will probably see the mobs for which we will vote on the broadcast.

    There are several popular points of view among the game community about what kind of mobs it will be:

    • Author's mobs, new,
    unexpected, unparalleled in the real world, fantastic mobs, invented by the developers themselves, as in the voting three years ago.

    • Mobs under consideration on the feedback site, such as jellyfish, owls, hedgehogs, beavers, crabs, lobsters, scorpions, monkeys, seahorses, killer whales, rays, giraffes, and so on.
    (Visit the "Mobs" category on the site for a full review: https://bit.ly/35aUljL)

    • Humanoids? Who knows, maybe on this broadcast we will vote for a new peasant or malware.
    (Visit the Residents, NPCs & Humanoids category on the site for a full review: https://bit.ly/33KKAXu)

    • Mobs from other games in the Minecraft universe,
    like Earth or Dungeons. Jappa already talked about adding Dungeons blocks to the original game, so why can't the same thing happen to mobs?

    • Mobs from past polls. If the mobs from the 2017 vote no longer leave hopes of appearing in the game,
    then no one rejected the appearance of creatures from the Chinese vote (alligator, monkey, white dolphin, deer)
    It is also worth mentioning those mobs that appeared here and there. For example, a crocodile was seen in the paintings in Minecraft Dungeons.
  2. I'd love to hear peoples theories on the new update
  3. Who knows o.o the mobs from the 1.16 update are gnarly. Interesting to see what they came up with. Would love to see Jellyfish in Minecraft :eek:
  4. I'm optimistic that with Mojang hiring new devs for Java that besides the new biome revamps coming with 1.17 we will see at least some focus towards improving performance. Who knows, maybe 2021 will be the year we finally get a cave update, maybe a new dimension, who knows!
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  5. I could not agree more with you on a cave update. Now if caves were more common instead of like mineshafts going downwards and maybe new mining minerals. I would also like to see them add in snakes in the rainforest biomes.

    I have a very strong feeling there will be a new dimension. Hiring new devs for Java means there is something big going on. Why hire extra help? Oh, because we will create a new dimension that will revolutionize Minecraft. Whatever this update holds will make Minecraft even more special than the game already is.