[MineNews] Mojang Studios is integrating a new library into Minecraft to improve server performance.

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  1. Yesterday, Mojang Studios partnered with startup Hadean to integrate a library called "Aether" into Minecraft. This innovation will increase the capacity of players on servers, provide new gameplay opportunities and game modes.

    For example, in Early Access, one of the game's developers used this library in order to increase the limit of players in the lobby from the standard 99 to over 1000.
    The integration of "Aether" will begin this month.

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  2. Just a tip, you should link your sources for news.
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    Amusingly a lot of this can be done already,
    "Increase the capacity of players on servers" Re-write your shit Mojang
    "Provide new gameplay opportunities and game modes" *coughs* Modding API but that's not getting implemented, or you have forge, spigot, bukkit, fabricmc, or one of the many other projects the community has made.
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  5. This is in C++. Mojang would never replace the client with a system dependent language, and Mojang hasn't even confirmed this.

    Also a lot of the performance issues are due to poor logic, it can be fixed if they actually took the time to re-write their engine.
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    If anything Aether would be for "realms" or "bedrock"

    also at this point i don't see a full re-write happening
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  7. There was no special disclosure about this, there is also a leak that it will be for the Bedrock version of the game, Java is gradually flying into the trash can
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    chances are if it gets dropped the community will continue providing updates in some way, shape, or form. Whether it be mods or plugins
  9. Probably by bringing back SpoutCraft.
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    I tried that once it has to be done completely from scratch, a lot of the needed stuff is no longer available to get
  11. Yeah, @NickAc ist having a fun time motivating himself to work on such a project.
    Using fabric instead of forge.
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  12. Sick, this would be great for people with a smaller budget for server hosting!