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  1. I buy today a minecraft server in MineOs but i don´t know how to put plugins in server.

    Pls help me.
  2. Put the plugins in the "plugins" folder, then restart the server or /reload
  3. The plugins folders are where?
  4. In the server folders.
    EDIT: Are you using Multicraft panel?
  5. no
    i´m using MineOs
  6. i´m using MineOs
  7. Just search for the minecraft folder.
    I think it's somewhere in mc.
    I used to use MineOs in the past, it's pretty decent and free.
  8. but in my pc?
  9. Downloads folder lol ?
  10. i don´t have the folder plugins in my pc
  11. Login with FTP
  12. i don´t have FTP
  13. I won't explain everything to you.
    There's a lot of documentation on the MineOs homepage and there's tons of documentation on how to use FTP.
  14. You should check the spigot Wiki and the knowledgebase of your host before asking stupid questions here..
  15. We won't set your server up for you... You have to do this yourself ^^
  16. Sooo, if you're using MineOS then you should:

    1. Compile a Server (.JAR) under Spigot/Craftbukkit on the drop down menu.

    2. Start your Server to let the files/folders generate (you may need to accept the EULA <MC-Server> before doing this step)

    3. Stop your server

    4. Download the Pluginy you need
    (make sure you download the right version)

    5. Go to: Server > Files > (SERVERNAME) > plugins

    6. Put the plugins you've downloaded in the plugins folder.

    7. Restart the server

    8. Go to: Plugins > PLUGINNAME > config.yml
    (the file might be named else than config.yml

    9. Configure everything you'll need (you want)

    10. Start and enjoy the Server.

    I recommend using a FTP Server and a MySQL connection for better experience

    If you didn't understand something then take a look at this page: