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  1. Hello im new here and kinda run into a problem i first loading up the server and everything was fine but some of the plugins were not working so i look at logs and i seen that MineOS is at Java 1.6.0_35 and i have try to update it i have found where the java files located and i mess around in that and here a screenshot on what the problem I'm am having http://gyazo.com/1736663ef9c1ccbcf1d292f867b5ca05 keep saying offline and it say its started already i don't know how to fix it or how to update java anyone can help me please
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    @runescapejon have you tried using a regular linux operating system? I doubt many people here have ever used MineOS, and if it's still packed with Java 6, well, it should probably not even be used anymore.
  3. i am switching to centOS and i have use Linux before for using creating a file host on it and etc and with CentOs im going to install multicraft on it
  4. @MikeA do you know any cool theme i can buy for multicraft
  5. You can just make your own theme? I took the default theme and made a few modifications awhile ago it looked pretty good. But that was about a year ago, I don't have it, but you can just modify some color themes, add some pictures instead of the default one.. Pretty simple.
  6. yeaa but to me it seem to simple that way l0l XD
  7. Like an advanced theme? I saw some for like 20$ I could also probably get my friend to make a really cool one.
  8. yea