Mineplex Server Citizens

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  1. I own a minigame network and my hub has citizens on it so i don't need to use portals and server signs but how do i make it so when a player right clicks the NPC it will open a menu and they can choose between S-1 And S-2 and it will say if the server is open or full like mineplex?
  2. Custom plugins.
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  3. CommandNPC
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  4. There are many plugins for this, a quick search returned this - although it is inactive.
  5. i know about commandnpc i tried but it only runs commands on that hub server not the bungee cause thats the proxy
  6. Buy a custom plugin off someone on spigot. Most every person on these forums can code plugins, ask around.
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  7. Well, I think this issue is resolved so it'll be irrelevant to comment my thoughts and opinions.