MineResetLite makes me confused..?

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  1. Just trying to get this straight..

    .. At first place I just wanted to know how to add a teleport out of the mine when it resets, but when I couldn't find the command for that at the bukkit.dev-page for MineResetLite, I made some researches and found it here on Spigot too. Which takes me to this point where it gets me confused..

    So.. MRL on Bukkit are on v.0.3.7 (last updated 7/3-2016) and MRL on Spigot are on 0.4.7 (last update 26/9-2015). Both of these plugins have different authors, are updated in different times, and it makes me more confused..

    So my conclusions is that.. One of these plugins are made first, and then this second person doesn't look it up if the plugin-name is occupied or not.. Or.. Well.. I don't know. This is why it gets me confused. And maybe this is why I cant do /mrl settp as it says here on Spigot. Cause its two different plugins.

    Just need to know if im totally lost, or if there's someone out there who can tell me the truth about this weirdness :p

    Oh.. And my second conclusion is that.. I think im gonna stay on Spigot and use the plugins You have here, since it seems more professional, more updated plugins - and when searching for plugins it doesnt look that messy as it does on Bukkit.dev. Thumbs up for SpigotMC!
  2. The MRL on Bukkit came first, then switched to Spigot and as the link said

    Code (Text):
    Update: Lyonix has taken over the management and development of this project.
    So the original author of the plugin has abandoned it for some reason and switch it to him
  3. Yeah i saw That.. it was just the updates That made me confused.. two different versions and two different authors..