Spigot MineResetLite 0.4.8

Lightweight implementation for automatic mine resets.

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  1. Thanks for update :D
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  2. could you add like auto-pick up? and instant mine?
  3. MineResetLite is not a prison-suite, it is designed to simply reset mines with random ores. I highly doubt I will be adding these features in the future, sorry!
  4. Hello, The plugin overview told me it can convert mines from PrisonMine to MineResetLite.

    How do I do that? I cannot find it.

    EDIT: It seems that my version is 0.4.7 while highest is 0.4.8, but I'm not getting 0.4.8 for some reason???
  5. This is an amazing plugin! Somehow, I can't find a way to change the color layout of the chat messages? Could I have some insight on how to do so :)
  6. Great plugin. I suggest this thought: A MCMMO/VANILLA hook for those that would like to turn off the ability to use mines to grind MCMMO or VANILLA EXP orbs. Mines like stone, sand, gravel, clay and for vanilla XP drops: lapis, red_stone, quartz_ore, diamond_ore, etc. This would be useful to us as we employ fortune 10, auto bottle (EXP), etc
  7. Is there a way to reduce the amount of ram it's requiring?
    i set it to reset every 2 hours with warnings at 90,60,30,10,5,1
    the size of the worldedit region i used is about 30x30x60, it's the only mine i have set currently.
    Everything works, but it's continuously using about 500mb...
    we currently run 50+ plugins and MRL is using more then them on it's own to idle lol
    I'm going to try making a smaller mine and running a reset more often.
  8. Is it possible to copy one mine over to another? I'd like to place multiple mines on my server, but I want them all to have the same ore ratios, so I'd rather avoid typing all the same things multiple times.
  9. If you are experienced enough on handling files and writing yml then what you can do is:
    1) Create the mine you want to copy over the others and setregion (Mine A for instance)
    2) Create the mines you want (do NOT setregion)
    3) Go to /plugins/PrisonMines/Files/Mines
    4) Copy everything from the Mine A, and paste them to each .yml file and make sure the Name is the same as the .yml's name
    5) Setregions for the rest of the mines

    That is what I did for couple of my mines :D You can also use the Panel and avoid plenty of typing!
  10. Requesting for any API?
  11. There is some placeholders for chat or even holograms?
  12. Everytime i restart my server, the flag resetDelay just disappears and i have to do /mrl flag A resetDelay 5. Why is this happening?
  13. how do i make the mine reset every second?
  14. Too many many mines matched. Try being more specific.

    What even is this and why does it exist? It is really annoying. I have one mine named: y and I can't edit it without remaking it because I get that message. I don't even have anything that is matched with that name.
  15. This plugin is amazing! I was really like that it have the possible to add a command when call the resetWarnings, like /playsound :D


    With Skrypt it turned be possible and very easy, modifying and adding more warning messages and adding sound like I wanted.
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  16. Is it possible to configure the plugin translation, at least change the prefix and message color?
  17. Yes, all on file phrases.properties. Just need to add it and modify like you want.
  18. Um ... how to do this and where to create the file?