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  2. Looks awesome! A suggestion:
    There used to be a minigame plugin where a player would be in a square shaped 'arena' and wool blocks would drop above them (so if they were to walk it would create a trail of wool blocks behind them). Getting hit by a falling wool = losing. Then as the minigame continued, it became more and more difficult to stay ahead of the wool blocks because the terrain (such as a 16x16 area) will get filled with wool blocks and they have to parkour around for as long as they can.

    Was really fun. Unfortunately, I think it stopped updating in 1.12. If this minigame plugin added that, I'd probably buy it!
  3. @PiggiesGoSqueal
    It's simillar to Falling-Anvils, only diffrence is that blocks stack in the arena. If you wish, no problem to do that.
  4. To confirm, the wool blocks falling also eventually will stack up and require players to climb up wool blocks and parkour around once the arena starts to get filled. I assume the falling anvils have the same function?
  5. There is no problem to change it in one second, but original game hasn't got it.
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  6. Ah ok. Awesome! Once I get closer to finishing my server I'll definitely consider buying your plugin. Thanks for the info!
  7. Is there a list of the minigames anywhere? I would like to know that before getting the plugin. Any more screenshots/videos?
  8. Signs after restart server doesn't work
  9. The problem has been fixed.
  10. Hi, I would like to know if the mini-games of this plugin come with their own maps.
  11. There are plenty of maps with this plugin, some of them are custom made and you can see them in the setup I linked to, and the others (about 6) are free, so you can use a free setup or a paid one, or even build your own maps.
  12. Does every mini-game have at least one map of its own?
  13. I didn’t get what you mean, but every match consists of 15 different micro games, you don’t need a map for each one, the plugin automatically generates buildings if it’s needed. You can play it on cube craft to get some knowledge what’s going on.
  14. Oh, I see, are these mini-games randomly ordered or can they be specified? Or is it possible to play a separate mini-game, the introduction is not written very clear.
  15. Yes, they are ordered in a random way, there is an editing GUI where you can disable or enable them, so you are able to choose boss games you like and the other games. It’s impossible to play a single mini game, but you are always able to chose your favorite 15 games and then play it.
  16. Does this plugin work on 1.17? i know it isn't listed in the tested versions, but i have plenty of plugins that are like this and work completely fine on 1.17, despite not listing it as a tested version. I want this plugin but don't want to waste money if it wont work.
    idc if i wont get support for using 1.17, i just want to know if itll even work.
  17. The next version will work on 1.17, that’s for sure.
  18. hey is there a way to start an event using a command and then broadcast a join message in chat which players can click to join?
  19. What do you mean to start an event? And I think yes, just use a chat plugin which allows you to make a clickable message running a command.
  20. can you add me on discord? Archer#9999