Spigot MineSecure Lite - AntiHackSystem [Aimbot,BowAimbot ...] BungeeCord Support 4.8

AntiHackSystem - You found all you need! [BungeeCord Support]

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    MineSecure - AntiHackSystem [Aimbot,KillAura...] - AntiHackSystem - You found all you need!

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  2. Update for 1.8.8 soon? Would like to try this plugin out as soon as it is updated to that :)
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  3. 1.8.8 doesn't support Netty (the library is not integrated) but we use it in the plugin, so we must find another way to make this plugin compatible with 1.8.8.
  4. Add more anti-hacks, I don't think those hacks are that little... Oh most important one is the X-Ray hack too :DD
  5. A lot of clients are not supported
  6. This is just a Beta, i started programming yesterday
  7. It's a bad plugin.

    Normal users get kicked for kill aura when they are killing mobs.
    Too sensitive and plugin isn't efficient for a regular server.
  8. I forgot to remove the Mobs
    I will fix it soon
  9. Very Good Plugin.
    Could you add a file in which you can change the messages in the config for the kick/ban etc.
    also can you add so when it kicks/bans someone it also alerts someone with a certain permissons like minesecure.alert
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  10. Not bad, however you are still missing vital parts for a proper kill aura detection. You are apparently only spawning NPCs to check for KillAura, however that is easily bypassable. Make sure to check the range, speed, and if the player is actually looking at the entity he is hitting.
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  11. I will think about it :D
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