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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by md_5, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. Zaino60


    [Major Bug] I added Minescure to both our spigot servers and BungeeCord (and changed config using bungeecord to true) yet players can still do BungeeCord commands without going through the 2FA!
    Using Latest Bungee Version (This server is running BungeeCord version git:BungeeCord-Bootstrap:1.14-SNAPSHOT:34febec:1419 by md_5) and Spigot 1.8.8 @md_5
  2. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    As above, for whatever reason that feature only works on 1.14.
  3. Zaino60


    But I can't update right now due to the instability of 1.14. BungeeCord is already 1.14, and this bug only affects bungee. Isn't there a way you could make it to work with older spigot versions too? Everything else works perfectly, only the bungee integration doesn't work. Because right now without it, the plugin is useless for me.

    Thanks in advance
  4. Any plans for full bungeecord support and not only 1.14?
  5. @md_5 can you add on setting that allows us to auto kick an player after for example 20 seconds if not verified with 2fa code?
  6. md_5

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    Yeah I’ll look into it
  7. @md_5 is there an api to hook into that will return true or false if the player has the 2fa correct/doesn’t have it setup. So my plugin will only start to kick in after 2fa is verified.
  8. md_5

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    Code (Text):
            if ( player.hasMetadata( "MINESECURE_REQUIRED" ) )
                // Player has 2fa enabled and needs it
            if ( player.hasMetadata( "MINESECURE_FORCED" ) )
                // Player needs to set up 2fa due to the required permission
  9. @md_5 I mean an api to check if the player is passed the 2fa.
  10. md_5

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    Put the 2 if statements above in a ! (not/negation)?
    That will tell you that the player does not need to auth.
  11. I need to know if an player is past the 2fa.

    For exemple:

    true if is not needed to verify with 2fa or is not enabled.
    false if player is locked by the 2fa and the plugin is waiting on an correct 2fa code.
  12. He already showed you how?
  13. No that code is only to check if the player has 2fa enabled. But i need to know if he is past the 2fa check so my plugin can intract with the player
  14. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    If they have neither of the meta above then your plugin is free to interact
  15. aaaaaa. thst make sense. Stupid me.
  16. Hi md_5,

    Solid plugin, it is without flaw and installation/setup was a breeze.

    I have however found one potential concern when I log into my account (2FA enabled).
    Because I have a hub server, naturally I have a compass item for selecting a server.
    The item also works with worldedit in the sense that I can left-click and I will get teleported to the destination which means players can still move around even without providing 2FA. (If my account happens to get compromised)

    Might there be a way to prevent this?

  17. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Install the plugin on your hub server.

    If it still works, then its a fault of those plugins not MineSecure
  18. Hi md_5,

    Thanks for the reply.

    MineSecure is only installed on the hub server.
    So there is no way to block worldedit's compass feature while awaiting /2fa code?

  19. Disable it in WorldEdit/Guards config?
  20. Are you suggesting to disable it entirely?

    As per my question, that is not what I want. I would ideally want it blocked only when MineSecure is awaiting a /2fa code. I use this feature a lot, so I would prefer not to remove it.

    Thanks for the suggestion