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  1. Just before i buy the plugin, does this plugin work on the latest bungeecord version?
  2. md_5

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    Yes 1.14+ for bungee
  3. Hello!

    When I try to connect the plugin to a MySQL database I get this error...
    The database is a fresh new one, with nothing inside it.

    Any idea of why this may be happening?
  4. Any updates on this issue?
  5. Lambsauce


    Recently I've been able to use bungee / proxy commands while not authenticated. I am using 1.3.4 on Bungee 1.16 and Spigot 1.15.2. Any ideas what may cause this? I have MineSecure on Bungee as well.
  6. Before we purchase, would this server protect against UUID Spoofing? Like it wont let players do anything unless they verify? Players have been logging onto our server and disguise themselves as staff via UUID spoofing. I use a plugin that lets bedrock and java players connect to the server, and it requires those players to spoof their ids.

    Also, is there a way to assign it specifically to staff?
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    Should be fixed in 1.3.5
    It will stop inbuilt commands and interactions. Stopping functions of other plugins depends on those plugins being properly coded.
    See the permissions available
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  9. Thanks for the update, sadly now I'm getting this error every time a player with 2FA enabled joins:
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    Does your database user actually have permission to alter tables?
  11. That was the issue, thanks for your help.
  12. MineSecure works in bungeecord on 1.8?
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    Not at the moment
  14. Does the plugin work along with Login plugins, such as AuthMe and NLogin?
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    Assuming the other plugin properly ignores cancelled events, yes. I can't speak to specific plugins, though I think people in this thread have used AuthMe.
  16. Hi @md_5, can you add support for Velocity Proxy please? (Lol)
  17. Been using it for more than a year now, has worked great!

    But I have noticed something that could be improved:

    - If you have 2fa and disconnect while flying (elytra), if you reconnect and the server asks for a code, it will try to maintain your y-coordinate and the server will kick you for "flying" (I don't have an anti-cheat, it's just the stock "Flying it not enabled" thing). For this, I suggest you move the user to a lower solid block if possible (and safe), and set velocity to 0, when they have to enter a code (or maybe add a config option).

    Also, small detail, but since I run a non-English-speaking server:

    - Could you make the text on the map itself translatable? ("Secret key:")

  18. We love this plugin but does it has a public API we can use in our plugins?
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    There is the metadata key MINESECURE_REQUIRED if 2fa is required and MINESECURE_FORCED if their permission forces it but they haven't set it up
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  20. This plugin is great! I would like if I could have multiple IPs allowed at once though, as I often play from different locations. Being able to save multiple IPs for 30 days each would be handy!

    Not too big a deal though. Nice plugin!