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  1. Hello people, Im KillDog one of the creators of Minetrack.net which is a Minecraft server list.
    I know some of you are thinking we are one of many but we do try and make our server list as different to others as possible.

    For starters our list is coding in Python/Django and we didn't use any base scripts like many of the PHP/HTML variants you see these days.

    We have the ability to add and remove features whenever we feel like it so we can make your experience with us and hopefully your player count stronger and higher for the better.

    We have many features on our site, some that even the oldest server lists dont:

    • Multiple lists - Top votes, Premium list, Recently Updated, Most players
    • Premium membership
    • Forums
    • Tekkit & Craftbukkit query + advanced query support
    • Last 5 voters
    • Separate votifier IP
    • Premium slider
    • Simple, sleek design (So we are told)
    • Recently updated list/ Bumping feature every 24 hours
    And as the site gets older the features can only improve and many more added over time, in fact if anyone here has a suggestion we our always open to them and take criticism as a incentive to improve rather than insult.
    If you would like to support Minetrack.net just go ahead and add your server to the list it takes all of 5 mins to complete the registration and adding a server.
    If you have any questions or suggestions like mentioned above then please post below.
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  2. Oh yeah you're the one who's been spamming people on Planetminecraft aswell.
    Yeah great... Yeah.... and all.
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  3. He is obviously trying to gain a community, it can be hard don't be so tough.

    As for my opinion it's quite cool except the forums could to with a facelist, maybe a XenForo subdomain forum system.
  4. Sway

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  5. Lol,
    lol nice find sway, gotta laugh at that, I literally googled bootstrap 45 mins ago and have nearly mastered it, it takes 2 lines for an alert, p the whole page couldn't be much more than 250 lines of code in bootstrap, yet people barely read their source.
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  6. Yeah tbh it is really hard to get the website known to people and im sorry for advertising but there really isnt many ways to go about it.

    I am giving the forums a face lift in a little while just haven't got around to it yet that's all cause currently im the only person working on this now its been released.

    As for using xenforo, we didn't want to because we wanted easy integration with the rest of the website so kept the forum python/django based so we could link with the registration and profile setups we already have.

    Also thanks for pointing out that spelling mistake ill sort that asap. If you have any suggestions guys please just say it all helps and your opinions are the ones i need to follow since you guys are the users.
  7. I usually don't like the website advertising spamming... but it really is the only way to get a specialty site this this known. You can't just Google advertise... you'll get hammered in adwords/adsense fees. Sending messages directly to users and posting on all the forums is probably the best way.

    I have my servers listed on it... I dunno if it's driven traffic so far, but it is a clean site and doesn't seem to crash down like PMC lately.
  8. Thanks for understanding, I know its annoying and i dont like doing it but like you said it is the only way, unless people know something i dont.

    I will be updating the website in a few days with the bump feature and a couple little bug fixes such as the correction above.

    Other than that keep giving me idea's guys its made for you people so i'd really like your input.
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    Even if your player traffic isn't that high, a bump feature would probably get me to use it everyday. ;)
  10. Okay well we are working on it :D gotta modify the database since one of the date tables isnt set correctly which is a pain.
  11. I put my server up there. I figured it would be best to have my server seen as much as possible, so adding to yet another list would only help me out further. Thanks!
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  12. Thanks :D
  13. Setting up the mail server tonight so i can activate the proper registration system with password recovery, aswell as this ill be intergrating the forum PMing more and adding the bump feature.

    The bumping feature is gonna be a pain as i have to migrate the database.
  14. Added Bumping feature to Minetrack.net, its under Manageserver > Options > Bump have fun guys :D
  15. LiLChris

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    I am adding it, but in all seriousness how much traffic is your front page getting?
    If you do not mind sharing it. :)
  16. Seems like a bootstrap version of .org
  17. If anything it looks more like Minestatus but okay... im not sure what your trying to get across by your comment but if you trying to say im ripping it off then thats a bit hard considering was done from scratch and its coded in Python/Django
    Something like 18,000 unique this month which is good considering its the first month :D
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  18. Bug found.. Players can vote with no name which rewards all players.
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    I don't even.. wow
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