Spigot Mini Blocks plguin 1.0.4

You want miniblock ? This is for you !

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    Mini Blocks plguin - You want miniblock ? This is for you !

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  2. English translation please... :(
  3. sans le message (votre pub) a chaque connection sa serai mieux ;) mais laisser pour les op le message en cas de mise à jour.
  4. Hi, I have a few ideas for your plugin.
    1 - Add a command(for example /miniblock copy [id]), it will copy the little building, before copying to highlight the region with the structure of worldedit.
    Accordingly, the command /miniblock paste [id] will insert the structure.
    It is also possible to tailor the structure to the egg spawn, ie Kraft is the egg and use it and it turns out the house.
    2 the idea is to add a saw and create a craft with this saw is that players could craft so small blocks
  5. no, this plugin is implemented is different.

    mrlasagne, add the parameter in /miniblock toggle so you can turn the steps in different directions.
  6. Dam i
    Damn i payed 10 euro... :(
  7. Will you be able to translate this into English?