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  1. I want to create a small mini games server but I was wondering if it's possible to do that with just one server or do I need to have bungee cord. Can you run multiple game plugins on one server with multiple worlds or do you have to have a different server for each type of game? I'm trying to have the least amount of servers possible so that it saves money.
  2. You can do both if you would like to. If they are different minigames, it isn't as simple(Different servers = different plugins). But if it's the same minigame, it's not too hard to set up multiple worlds with the same game mode.
  3. So say I want to run Bed wars, sky wars, hide and seek, paintball, and tnt run. Are those the same type of minigame?
  4. No, sky wars is not the same minigame as bed wars.
  5. Okay so to run all those different minigames I do need different servers for each of those? Or what is your suggestion on how to set it up?
  6. If you want to do per world mini game you can create an arraylist for each game and check if the player is in this arraylist for
  7. He's not developing a plugin. He's creating his server, and he's asking for advice on worlds vs. servers.
  8. Yes and how to set up multiple worlds for each minigame plugin.
  9. u can use multiverse plugin to have different worlds. :p
  10. No the question is, how do I set up each plugin to work on the different worlds; or is it better to have different servers for the mini games? Will having multiple mini game plugins effect the different worlds?
  11. It is possible but It will be much harder than bungeecord. You can obviously create one world for one minigame and it shouldn't cause any errors. But there are things like chat (players in one minigame will see messages from players in the other minigame), tablist etc. So I suggest you to use bungeecord.
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