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    Miniature Pets - add pets and companains to your server (custom mobs)

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  2. NacOJerk


  3. When i try to spawn a pet it say "Your pet was removed"

    Can you make a language file
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  4. Sikatsu


    Hey @NacOJerk !

    As this is a really unique plugin I'd like to know your future thoughts in this plugin. Therefor I have a couple of questions which might also be interesting for others if you don't mind :)

    1) Are you planning to add a pet name option in the GUI?

    2) Are you planning to add a ''Call'' option for if he's stuck somewhere?

    3) Are you able to add small trails for the pet to pick from?

    4) Are you able to add interaction with the pet? (Feeding, just for fun, showing hearts)

    5) Could you make an in-game shop to buy pets? Automatically taking over the pets from the default config? (Actually buying it's permission)

    6) Will you add more pets or should we make them ourselves?

    Whats currently planned for this plugin?
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  5. I'm interested in figuring this out.

    Also, I'd like to know how the textures are fetched from the URL's, are they fetched just once to load in the pet? Or will the plugin fetch it once and cache the texture forever. (I'd like to know and potentially move off of Mojang's textures and onto my own host if it's not creating a local cache to fetch from)

    Also any potential release sale :?
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  6. NacOJerk


    I am planning a language file that custom name is a cool feature so that one too I guess feeding it Ez to make so sure :) about the ingame shop probably not many in the future and about the pets I am working on making a spigot like forum for pets so people can make them sell them and share then
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  7. NacOJerk


    For as far as I know you can only use urls which are on the Minecraft server I would soon add a command that would give you guys the url of the skull of the player (when I finally get someone to review it I would ask him to make a guide) and about the thing if the cashe the image way I did was change some NBT tags so basicly it sends the player the URL and his client is setting the texture from that url and like I said it can only be from a url
  8. Is there any way to set a static npc type pet so we can make a pet shop so players can see the physical versions of the pets? Before they purchase others?
  9. NacOJerk


    Welp this sounds complacted and would envolve me making the shop like I said that is kind of a problem cus it is permissiion base so I rather not but I am willing to make an api for it if someone wants to :) but basicly to make a pet not move you just delte its animationCycle folder (Welp wat is inside deleting the folder would cus errors)
  10. Sikatsu


    To be honest I have no clue on what you just said, I understood a language file and a forum for people to share pets only ..

    I'll wait with buying until some of my features saw the light I guess
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  11. NacOJerk


    Ok sorry for not being so understandable :p
  12. Sikatsu


    He is just asking for a command like ''/mpet show Panda'' so a Panda pet will spawn on his location. This way when he creates a shop to sell ''Permissions'' people can see what they actually buy. I don't think this should be complicated.
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  13. NacOJerk


    Welp how would he remove it ?
  14. NacOJerk


  15. Someone finished this before i did ;-; #DreamsRuined xD
  16. NacOJerk


    LoL how long have you been working on it ?
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  17. I checked your resource on your server, it's kinda cute!
    I though noticed a failure at the frog ._.
    Fairly missplaced feets, mind fixing it?

    Also does the minime also equip your equipment?

    You should, if it isn't done alrdy, make every text being editable!

  18. I had it delayed because of school i worked in total maybe about a week or so
  19. 1) Yea
    2) When the pet isn't able to reach it's owner, it will teleport to it automaticly.
    3) WIll be added, but not currently. Probaly in the next 3 weeks.
    4) Again, will be added eventually, not in this week.
    5) Will be implemented soon if the buyers need it.
    6) We are going to make 2-3 more, but making them yourself is what makes this plugin uniuqe, allowing servers to be different. We are also currently setting up a forum, which will allow discussing the plugin, and selling/publishing pets as resources.
    Also, to allow you to make pets more easly, I am currently rewriting the guide to make it more readable.
    ~DrPiggy, a co-developer
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  20. NacOJerk


    It is on planned featured