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  1. I'm pretty sure the plugin works without internet access, so it's not that bad
  2. Is it possible to prevent pets from despawning on world change?
    Maybe add a config value that control this.

  3. I personally use Skript for re-spawning pets on world change with this
  4. Mind sharing that script with me?
    Never got intro skripts mainly do plugin development (Java)

  5. Getting this error, when trying to open GUI menu in spectator mode: ...after going back to creative or survival, the /pet command is still giving the same error.
  6. Code (Text):

    on player world change:
        {selectedpet::%player's uuid%} is set
        player's world is "MainLobby" or "Lobby":
            make player execute command "/mpet open %{selectedpet::%player's uuid%}%"
        else if past changed world is "MainLobby" or "Lobby":
            make player execute command "/mpet remove"
    I have saved the pet name into {selectedpet::%player's uuid%} variable, I do not use default MiniaturePets GUI and made my own instead where I can detect stuff (and for that to not be giant amount of work, I made script which automatically copies contents of original GUI into my GUI), but you probably could do this much better with Java

    if you want I could make script with skript-mirror which takes advantage of MiniaturePets API and detects the selected pet of a player without a custom GUI
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  7. Mpets are still not rideable, I just downloaded the most recent version 2.3.1 and when I try to ride a pet it just sits there and doesn't move. This problem was there a year ago when I tried mpets again after we had to get rid of it a year before that because of invisible armor stand left when pets were removed. Will they ever be rideable?
  8. Hello guys!
    How to issue the right to one pet?
  9. By giving the player the permission of the pet you want them to have. The individual pet permissions are located on the resource page where you downloaded the pet from, or you can use a program like 7zip or winrar to open the mpet as an archive, then look in the pets yml file to see the permission that is set for it.
  10. I’m not sure what you mean
  11. MPets desperately needs screenshots or a video in the Overview. Just saying.

    UPDATE: and the demo server appears down.
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    I agree.... I have a demo available on my server...
  13. @MiniaturePets being as your Discord server is basically useless . I'll tell you here . I think you forgot to change the version number inside the plugin itself .
  14. @MiniaturePets You could just verify people through Spigot like everyone else .
  15. Apparently there is an update available, I have downloaded the latest version but still getting this warning. Has Spigot got the latest version?
  16. The plugin would have to work without internet access.
    You voilate DRM guidelines by requiring an internet connection to verify and therefore your plugin would be deleted immediately.
  17. I already know that, just was telling to the person in case they don't know
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    using a mythicmobs it just gets stuck and the armor stands are left and the mob is gone im not sure which plugins fault it is

    this spams console

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