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  1. The pets are not ridable. When I try to ride them I can sit on them but they do not move.
  2. The plugin causes a crash/severe lag when someone attempts to ride their pet.
  3. There any way to see what this plugin actually does? There's no screenshots or videos on the page showcasing its features. (unless I'm blind) I'd love to see what I'm getting before I actually purchase the plugin.
  4. Any 1.15 support coming soon?
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  5. Anyone know if it's possible to set the color of mobs in mpets? Like when you set the pet to be a vanilla mob (e.g. a sheep), any way to set the color?
  6. MiniaturePets updated Miniature Pets - Boost up your personal server with amazing customizeable pets! with a new update entry:

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  7. Update to 1.15 pls
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  8. Latest update says it fixes Crash when you try to ride pet. I still crash when I right click the Pet. Standing by for guidance. Thanks!
  9. It crashes the player when they right click the pet.
  10. People still crash upon right clicking their pets.. please fix this!
    paper 1.15.1
  11. Sad still no 1.15.1 support. Thank you for keeping the plugin updated regardless.
  12. Players crash when trying to open the gui. Since this is a paid plugin (which I haven't had too long!) could you possibly update it? It is unusable currently.

    Line 20772: [14:05:59] [Server thread/INFO]: Joes lost connection: Internal Exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Can not set int field net.minecraft.server.v1_15_R1.PacketPlayOutOpenWindow.b to java.lang.String
  13. Thank you thank you!! This really is a key plugin! Yes there are other pet plugins but none like this!
  14. /mpet opens the gui but it is empty, except for 'you don't have any pets".
  15. Working fine for me. Even riding the pets is working!
  16. Oh no it's me sorry. Great plugin!